Thursday, April 15, 2010

Quilted Canvas Bag

Wow. So I frittered away another week of my life with nothing much to show.  So lets see. What did I not do?

I did not make the bag for my mom's friend. I did not get started on the secret baby bootie project. Oops!  I did not get started on my granny bags. But I did complete the camera bag. Can't show you any pics yet tho'.

I did get my washers for my magnetic snaps. Long story. I had bought magnetic snaps size 14mm from a shop which is 1.5hr away from my home. They came in packets of 2 sets of snaps. But the number of washers included was only 2 which means I'm short of 5 X 2 = 10 washers. Getting the washers took so long I could have made 1 bag. Apparently the girls manning the shop had no idea that you need 2 washers for each set of magnetic snaps. They inspected all the ready packed magnetic snaps for sale and would you believe it? All were short! And they thought I was trying to be funny. It took a very long time but I finally convinced them to telephone their big boss who of course told them to give me my 10 washers and to unpack all the magnetic snaps. The girls didn't look very happy with me.

I did get around to completing one bag for my next MAAD. I had a tiny amount of canvas leftover and what I did was I made a bag shaped by the amount of fabric I had. It's really not the best way to make a bag I can assure you. Your options are so limited. But I think I managed to get a decent size bag out of the leftover! I quilted stitches all over the fabric and the crinkles give it a nice effect. I used seriously thick batting and I can assure you my machine wasn't very happy at all. Luckily I have a walking foot. Of course I had to use magnetic snaps for closure....
Guess who said she liked this bag? My M-I-L!!

I said I would make 6 new bags for May MAAD. This is 1 out of 6. I realise that if I don't do some kind of countdown, I'm just going to fritter away my next 2 weeks. So I have to make 5 more bags within the next 2 weeks. Btw, please excuse me if I don't sound too enthusiastic about my next MAAD. After all, traffic has been falling and May MAAD falls on a long weekend. I'm braving myself for the worst.


Blu said...

Your bag is gorgeous! The green and brown are lovely!

Mandy said...

Many people will be away for the long weekend and since it's examination week for most students, many parents will be at home supervising their kids. I am not too optismistic whenever there is a long weekend.

jane p said...

Thanks Blu. You always say such nice stuff abt my bags. Blush.

Mandy, lets just spend our next MAAD drinking tea all day!

Chris H said...

That is a really neat bag!

tamdoll said...

I really like this bag, and it's great that you were able to make use of the fabric you had and to figure out the size. The color is nice.

Dee said...

But have you done any smocking? ;)
I must confess that I haven't touched mine since for at least four weeks. :/
that is a really lovely little bag. :) what size is it? hard to tell from the pics.

Doina said...

Beautiful bag!

antmee said...

Your bags keep getting more lovely. You have a good eye for pattern/ fabric matching!

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