Thursday, April 22, 2010

Skulls And Bones Messenger Bag

 I had been slaving over this messenger bag over the last few days. Ordinarily, a messenger bag would not be too hard to construct. But I wanted to try out a technique I hadn't tried before. I used binding to hide the raw edges (and I mean every raw edge) instead of my usual "escape thru' a gap" method which I'm sure many of you are familiar with. And that's mainly why it took me longer than usual. I can cross binding off my "To Try" list and I must say, not liking it. Too long, too tedious, not worth the effort.
 Today my husband is my model. He too has a freakishly long torso - perfect for modelling this bag.
My girl is frolicking in the background.
I asked for "The Boss" pose.
Someone is stressed. "You keep saying 'last pose'!"
If you find the skulls and bones fabric familiar, it is. I've used it to construct a few bags in the past. See the metal thingy hooked to the D-ring? It's my latest toy. I quilted the flap. Do you notice I'm on a quilted look roll?
I binded the top edge of the bag with the skulls and bones fabric.
The 2 pockets are also constructed using the skulls and bones fabric. Guess what? I still have a small amount of the darn fabric left!

This is only bag No. 2 out of 6 bags I said I would make for May MAAD. I have to make 4 more bags in 7 days!


Kandi said...

That is really lovely, would make a great school bag for a teenager! Your model is very accommodating - my DH would not be so kind :)
Kandi x

Chris H said...

YOu have made a wonderful job of that bag.... though I am not a fan of skulls and crossbones.... bet it will appeal to some young guy!

antmee said...

I think your binding looks well done but have to agree its a bugger to sew. This bag is lovely and any younger person would go mad over owning it!

PS Good effort on "The Boss" pose! I take it you are referring to Bruce? lol

Chowz Creations said...

Awesome bag! Love the fabric.

Dee said...

this is a great bag. My fourteen year old daughter went gaga over this one - so I think that means you have the teen tick of approval. In fact she asked if it would fit her laptop and a book - 26cm x 33cm x 6cm?

jane p said...

Dee, how sweet of your girl. I made this bag for late teens to young adult. Target met. :)) It's not suitable for laptop tho' because it's not padded.

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