Sunday, April 4, 2010

April MAAD 2010 Post-Mortem

I sold a total of 6 bags. These are the bags I sold.
My tweed bag went to Mandy. She wanted it when she saw it on my blog post. Wow, the power of blogging! She bought it when she arrived at red dot design museum. This girl ah! She has spent a fortune on my bags. Thanks Mandy.
Second bag sold. This time around, I was too shy to ask my customers to pose for photos. A lady who's the mom of one of the jewellery seller liked this bag and urged me to make more. I kinda like granny bags myself and I will make a few more. They are a challenge to make though.
Kim came round to pick up her black and white beauty. Isn't she cute? (her outfit matches the bag) She even bought me a drink! I don't deserve her. Thanks Kim.
This top favourite went to a lady with very good taste! No, I dared not ask for a photo. What happened to my guts?
My surprise buyer - Shannon, the MAAD mamasan. She says who's in and who's out at MAAD. Ooh, she likes stripes and I have a couple more striped fabric. Me thinks I should make a few more and entice her....Thanks Shannon. You made my morning. I told everyone I knew you bought a bag.
This retro flower power went to a nice lady who told me her daughter's name is Jane too. She likes this bag because it's cheerful. Is this what Spring feels like? Can anyone tell me?

Traffic was really slow on Sunday. Let's hope it gets better next month! Next month's MAAD will fall on a public holiday. Good or bad,  I don't know.

I had a number of "encounters" this weekend at MAAD. First, I ran into an old colleague, Sean who used to work at the software sweathouse with me. He's the  second person from that sweathouse I had run into at MAAD. The first was Alice whom I wrote about in Six Degress of Moi. If you count Jon and Weng, my two Hunks, that makes five of us from that sweathouse here at red dot. I won't be surprised if I run into more... (It was a really big sweathouse)
That's Sean. Hands up everyone who thinks he works in IT. Then there's me. As you can see, I've lost the IT look.

I was close to dozing off in the afternoon when I had a dream. A very, very tall American man was looking at me about 50m away. I know this man. He looks very familiar. Hmm, I know he did not work at the sweathouse. Yes! I was at his wedding. I was his witness!  I remember thinking I must not use the same signature I use to sign my cheques.

Then this giggling girl emerged from behind him. That girl! I know her. She's my long lost friend. It's impossible but it's real. They live in the US! What on earth are they doing at red dot?? You know, one of these days I'm going to get a heart attack when people show up unannounced especially when I'm dozing off.

Mr and Mrs H. Thanks for visiting me.

This girl always makes me laugh until I cry. After they left, I had to apply eye drops to lubricate my eye glands.
On Sunday, I was dozing off again when this lady came by my table to check out my bags. She kept looking at me and I thought she looked familiar. Hmmm, another person from the sweathouse? I was going to get up and hardsell her some bags when I saw one of my hunks, Jon. I waved him over and this guy went and stood beside the lady above. Then, they just smiled at me.  Hey, wait a minute! It turned out Jon had sent his sister, whom I'd never met to get funny with me. But she was too kind to do that.
They looked so alike I knew something was up.
I'm just pretending to smile. Inside I'm plotting revenge. Be very afraid, Jon.
I gave Jon an iphone pouch which fit! Look how excited he is. Oops, I should have offered his sis one of my pouches but I forgot. You see, I was still in shock.

A very good MAAD indeed. I had so much fun.


Micki said...

You make beautiful bags and it looks like everyone is happy with them!

Martita Catita said...

I'm happy for you! I hope you sell even more! Congratulations!!!!

Vik said...

LOL thanks for the funny post, love the bit about Sean looking like he works in IT! Love your bags but I am quite smitten with the tweed bag and the black and white one :)

Dee said...

You are soooo funny! :) my top three favs sold - do more like them and the piping is tops.
I am sure your buyers would be only too happy to pose with their new lovely - be brave and ask them. go on, I dare ya... ;)

Chris H said...

What a success! I am not surprised you sold that many bags.. they are all gorgeous.

Mandy said...

When I studied fabrics and fibres at NIE,I had to create fabrics weaves using strips of paper. The houndstooth weave was the most challenging to create. In the 80s, I had many skirts in houndstooth - too bad I can't fit into them, if not, they go well with the bag.

antmee said...

Great post! I love reading about your bag making then your market days. You look like you have a lot of fun!

tamdoll said...

Fantastic to have sales and to see so many people you know. Sounds like such a fun day with business and friends around.

Thanks for the funny comment at my blog, too. Now every time I look at that sun I will think it's a lady with a beard.

by night said...

How come the super creative and talented bag makker you are hasn't made one for herself? These are all so beautiful, I'd have a hard time not to keep them for myself ;-))

Polarbear11 said...

Hey Jane,
Did you know that PBJ=peanut butter and jelly!:P
by the way,i love all the bags!

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