Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Handmade For Profit

If you have sold anything you've made I'm pretty sure you're hooked for life. It's such a great feeling. After you have made 1 sale, you'll start asking yourself, How do I sell more?

Selling is a difficult thing. Making stuff for sale - that's easy. Making something that sells is very hard. There's no magic formula and even when something sells, there's no guarantee it'll continue to sell.
That's why I was really happy when my friend, Mandy passed me this book Handmade For Profit. I'm still at Chapter One. I've discovered that I'm really ignorant when it comes to selling for profit. Mandy must have learnt from this book because she's very successful at what she does. Anyhoo, I'm going to study this book and see if I could benefit from it.
These are 2 fabric passport covers I made today. I'm personally very happy with the choice of fabric. The black and white fabric was illustrated by Junichi Nakahara, a well-known Japanese artist. The second fabric is a French theme cross-stitchish print from Live Life Collection. Both fabric are printed by Yuwa.

I've listed both passport covers at zibbet, artfire and etsy. Please have a look.


Atasha said...

Oh my goodness. You always have the most beautiful fabric. They're lovely but I especially like the first one.

Mandy said...

No no, I am not that 'successful'. I try to add new designs each month so that there's always something new to see. I do not display same items every month. When customers ask for the 'missing' item, they will be told that it was sold and I will make again next month. It gives the customers impression that sales is brisk.

jane p said...

Mandy, see? I display every darn bag I have for sale. I would never have thought of displaying different items. Thanks for the tip! ;)

winterpeachblog said...

Wow! I need a copy of that book! Could use all the help I can get :) Arlene

tamdoll said...

I like your passport covers - especially the fabric on the first one. I can just imagine getting a passport and traveling a bit, then I will need a cover! Maybe I should get one soon.

Mandy said...

Have you sold the black and white passport cover? I don't see it at your shopsss. Can you make one for me using my fabric? I have a paris theme linen fabric that I like.
Please charge me and don't give me discount...,well, maybe a little.

jane p said...

Mandy, the black and white one is sold. I'll make one for you with your fabric. Don't worry, I'll make a fortune off it.

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