Thursday, September 30, 2010

2 Shopping Bags

Remember my Shopping Bags To Pay The Rent? In late June this year, I made 4 shopping bags and I managed to sell all but 1.
This one has not been sold yet.

One thing I noticed about the women who bought the other 3 shopping bags, they're either petite or very skinny. So this time around, I made larger and deeper shopping bags.
This is made of canvas cotton and lined with twill.
It's HUGE and very strong.
The bottom is boxy.
This is a fun shopping bag. It's big and roomy.
Made entirely of cotton. For both bags, I used magnetic snaps for closure.

Looks like I've been very productive. I've 1 more sewing day left. I wonder if I can spit out any more bags? See ya.


Andreja said...

Lovely bags! I like the second one.

tamdoll said...

Your big sturdy bags look great!

By the way, I loved your last post, reading about the music & note to your future self, that's a good idea. I did watch Amazing Race for the 1st episode with my kids - I was cracking up over the boat segment - I don't think I'd ever leave the dock if I tried that.

Chris H said...

They are great shopping bags.. great size and stongly made. I hope your sales are great this weekend.

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