Thursday, September 9, 2010

Orchard Central - Above The Ground

Last weekend I had my craft market sale at Orchard Central. It was located on the ground level which is a good thing for me because I have a small height phobia. If it were located on say level 2 and above, I doubt if I have the ability to, um.. stay on that level. Since I have problems going to the 2nd level, you could say it isn't a small phobia as ordinary folks wouldn't have such issues. So alright, I have a big height phobia. But this height problem only occurs in certain structures in Singapore particularly those with a lot of see-thru' glass such as Orchard Central. It's no comfort to me Orchard Central is the tallest vertical mall in Singapore.

When Orchard Central first opened in mid 2010, my family went to visit it. There is a long escalator outside the building and the first thing we did was step on it. As my height phobia is a relatively mild one and only confined to certain structures, I did not hesitate going on the long, long escalator. Of course it turned out to be a mistake. When I finally stepped off the escalator, I was barely able to breathe. I thought I would feel safe on firm ground. Unfortunately, this building is full of glass. When I walked, in my mind, I saw that the floor was slanted and felt like I was off-balanced. The only way I could walk was to hunch and waddle along. My knees really felt like jelly. My husband suggested taking the lift down to the ground floor but I backed out when I saw that it was see-thru'. I slowly made my way down to ground level by creeping along walls and using the shorter escalators. I've never felt so frightened by a building before!

Since then I have not tried to go above ground level here. But I believe some day when I am selling at the ground level and my desire to drink tea is so great, I may have to venture to the 5th level to buy tea. My height issue can be conquered. I just need to be brave and prepared. There is a shopping mall near where I live and the escalators are also rather scary. It took me a few years but now I'm able to go to the mall without freaking out.

You may start to think I do have many problems. Muscle issues, allergies, height phobia, what next? Hmmm, you're lucky. You only read about it. I have to live with myself! Yes, I do wonder why I have so many, many little problems.

But this post isn't about my issues. Let's look at some of the photos my kids took of the higher floors at Orchard Central. Luckily they don't have height issues.
Hello Mr Roboto!
Reminds you of the movie Cars?
 These were on the roof.
Metal art.
Yes, this is a restroom for the disabled. It is on ground level, close to where I sold my bags. Not a single disabled person used it while I was "on duty". My girl found it so funny to pose for a pic in front of the restroom.
Look how high-tech it is. I had to teach many people how to close the door. Very funny. They enter the restroom and waited for the door to close by itself because it looked like a lift. But it won't close until you press the "close" button. One lady entered, waited for the door to close and when it didn't, she LOOKED UP like what you would do in a lift. OMG, I laughed until I cried but not before I taught her how.

Hope you enjoy the tour. Orchard Central has loads of art stuff thru'out the building. I'll get my kids to take more pics next time. See you (on ground level).


anabelucraft said...

Ohhhh.. these projets are fantastic...

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