Tuesday, September 14, 2010

One Fat Bottomed Drawstring Pouch Too Many

When I make my bags, I have this habit of spending the whole day just cutting fabric. I would spend other days sewing them up. About 2 weeks ago, I cut fabric for fat bottomed drawstring pouches. But as it turned out, I wasn't able to sew them all. I had 3 left.

This week, I have to make a few bags and pouches for my craft market sale at Open Door's Weekend Market on 18th and 19th September which is just a few days away. I thought I would sew up these ready-cut fabric. That's the thing. Two weeks ago, I was all gaga over drawstring pouches. This week, not so much. I did make them. But I had the same feeling as when I ate one more slice of chocolate cake when I shoulda just stopped.
So these are my last two fat bottomed drawstring pouch for a while. Fyi, these two pouches use external casing for the drawstring.
By the time I got to this ready-cut nautical fabric, I already had the too-much-chocolate feeling and I had to amuse myself so I used a casing sewn to the mouth of the bag. It's a tiny casing so it looks kinda dainty at the top.
It looks a little like a lantern to me. Speaking of lanterns, the Mid-Autumn Festival is coming soon. Okay, I don't know the exact date but I know it's soon because mooncakes and lanterns are sold everywhere in Singapore. Singaporeans call it the Mooncake Festival which is more appropriate because we don't have Autumn here. Just hot, humid, rain, flood, hotter, even hotter, so humid and dem hot. The only way we experience cold is in air-conditioned rooms and as experienced by me at Orchard Central, can be brutally cold.
Eeeks! What happened? Yep, me bro broke down again. That's my Brother being um... serviced. The guy in the pic is Dr Brother.
I took a picture of Dr Brother's briefcase. He told me it is 15 years old. I think it's a lot older. Well, last week was really unproductive for me as I was busy dealing with my sewing machines issues!

For my Open Doors Weekend Market, I wanted to include some zip pouches. Since I'm all out of flower-flower zip pouches, I decided I would make some more. I'll be honest. It's not easy to come up with so many different ways of presenting the flower-flower applique. I won't be surprised if I suffer from flower-flower fatigue soon. I only made 5 because I did not want to over-do it.
Big headed flower in black and gold on red cotton drill.
Big headed flower in green-yellow on green-yellow cotton drill.
Lone ranger tulip on baby-blue cotton drill.
Tulips in love on baby-blue cotton drill.
The three musketeers on blue denim.

These three insects zip pouches were done over the weekend.
Red dragonfly on denim. An old favourite.
Blue dragonfly in stem stitch on denim.
Green butterfly on denim.

Handstitching is very sore on the fingers on denim. After sewing the applique for these 3 pouches, my fingers really hated me.

I'm only able to sew for 2 more days this week so I'm thinking maybe 2 to 3 more items would be great. Good nite.


Jenny said...

Hi Jane, I know just what you mean about overload - I have only just begun to sew in 'batches' like that and it is very easy to get fed up - whether it be with the fabric or the design.

We used to have a Chinese lodger who bought us moon cakes - can't say I liked them much... I preferred the jars of chillies he brought from time to time!

Hope your Bro gets better soon!

antmee said...

Thanks for some great posts! (I've just been catchin up) I got inspired by all the great bags you have made and laughed at your "pretending to sew" in a previous post.

I have lost my urge to sew the last few days so thank you for rejuvenating my addiction to sewing. (Even if I am not making bags at the moment lol)


These are lovely!! x

Chris H said...

All your bags are adorable, but I love that red stiped one! Now I understand how you were cold.. air con!

tamdoll said...

Your applique is fantastic, I hope your fingers recover soon!

You know, I think making extra drawstring bags is better than eating an extra piece of cake. You can make money instead of gaining weight.

Good luck at the weekend's fair.

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