Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Striped Bag

It's Wednesday already! The hours are just whizzing by this week. I've been toggling between watching all the new TV shows and sewing my bags. Oh, why do all the TV shows have to come out all at once? Did you guys watch The Amazing Race? The England leg was so funny especially when 2 grown men try to sit on a bowl shaped boat and sail across the lake. Me and my son really rolled on the floor laughing.

Okay, it's official. The Koreans have invaded my home. My girl is very into Korean pop music even tho' she doesn't speak any Korean. I've been listening to some of the songs she likes and I must say I'm getting converted. Today I'm playing DJ!

Super Junior is a group my girl likes a lot. It's a BIG group, comprising of very TALL pretty boys who can dance in sync. Okay, maybe 1 is not so pretty(the hefty one).

If you live outside Asia, you've probably never heard of them. Otherwise you would know this song, Bonamana which boasts of a widely covered dance routine. Watch the music video here. This song is very good to dance-exercise to. The song/dance steps can be described as crouching tiger hidden bollywood meet speed ice skating. This song reminds me of Hindi music in the Hindi movies I used to watch on TV.

This next song called Supergirl is by Super Junior M. Watch the music video here. This is a Chinese song but you probably couldn't tell. I couldn't until my girl told me. The music video of course has a dance routine. It's very crouching tiger meet pilates. If you watched the mv and didn't understand the story, here's my interpretation: A pervy civil servant gate crashed a cool party. Deep inside, he really wants to party but he doesn't know how. So he uses his camera to take pictures of the cool people at the party and they are really annoyed with him. When the cool chick he digs rejects him like ewww, he cries like a baby and leaves. He goes and stands in front of a wall and keeps repeating, I wish, I wish, I wish, I wish to look so cool. By some luck, an alien ship was passing just above him and zaps him into cool outfits just to shut him up. He re-enters the party and hey! Everyone loves him and suddenly he's dancing along with everyone including the cool chick. Yay! Don't you love a good ending? Anyway, that's what I saw. I don't know what the director intended. Moral of the video: Don't gate-crash any party when you aren't dressed for it.

Okay, 1 last song. Are you guys still with me? Hello? It's a Korean song called No Other. Watch the mv here. In this mv, you can see the singers more clearly. If you are weeping over the pretty faces and slender bodies, don't worry. It's a natural reaction. Did you catch the shot of the rapper unbuttoning his shirt revealing a well-toned body? Hehe.

Still on the subject of Korean, if you LIVE in Singapore and want to pick up the Korean language, my Korean speaking SIL has opened her Korean Language class. Go here to learn more if you are interested.

Alright. Enough about Korean. Let's talk about moi. Lately me old muscles issues have returned. I may have mentioned before I'm a fan of my own blog. I'm serious. I read my old posts from time to time to amuse myself and to remember where I was in my sewing journey. So I'm gonna write a letter to future Jane. Yes, I ripped this off How I Met Your Mother.

Dear Future Jane,
How are you? Feeling tired? Muscles aching horribly? If yes, please do your freaking exercises!
2010 Jane
p.s. hope you didn't get fat!

Not to alienate my readers further, I shall show you my latest bag. Remember the bag I made for Open Doors Weekend Market? The rabbit bag using the round handles? I've made another one but I changed the shape of the bag a little.
I LOVE this bag. But making it gave be a bit of grief. You see, I figured out the measurements as I went along and that is never productive.
Matches the rug!
For closure, I used a suspension bridge style zipper. I did jot down the measurements so I think I might just make more.
Lastly, I will be selling my bags at MAAD this weekend.

2nd & 3rd October 2010
red dot Traffic
28 Maxwell Road
Singapore 069120
11am to 7pm both days

See you soon.


Dee said...

Jane you have done it again! The style of that bag is a hit. :) I can see it in something bright and summery, it looks like a holiday bag to me.

Chris H said...

Very pretty bag. Why is it called a suspension zip?

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