Monday, September 6, 2010

Open Doors Weekend Market 4th & 5th Sep 2010 Post-Mortem

Hey folks,

My first craft sale at Open Doors Weekend Market came and went. I'm really happy I went despite everything (more later) as it's a different market at Orchard Central. It's not totally handmade but a mix of imported goods and some handmade items. I think I became quite stagnant at red dot design museum as the visitors are usually regulars.

Okay, the weekend sales wasn't great but I received pretty good feedback from the people who stopped by my table. I sold a total of 1 bag, 9 pouches and 10 hair elastics. I'll definitely have to think of a better marketing strategy for my table if I want to get more people to stop at my table.

Saturday started out rather weird. I took a train and you understand the only way to exit to ground level is thru' a building called 313@Somerset. I found myself surrounded by thousands of teenagers who were at the building to buy concert tickets to a Korean pop band concert. OMG, I almost suffocated. My girl and I managed to get out of the building but not before I suffered from horrible sneezing fits. I suspect some element from the Korean pop band crazy fans triggered it.

That was the start of my problems. Dem Korean pop band crazy fans. With my allergy triggered, it also triggered a major migraine. OMG, I hadn't suffered from such horrible head grinding, throbbing, thundering pain in my head for a very long time.

I took all the panadol extra and antihistamine my body could take and somehow I managed to get thru' the day. The worst bit was where I was located, it was very, very cold. It was so cold I froze my freaking arse off. And I only had a thin scarf with me. You know I said I didn't have to worry about the rain, sun and wind. Now I have 1 more to add. The FRIGGING COLD. Always bring a sweater Jane!
Like a fool, I wore something thin. Even though it was very cold, I managed to squeeze out a smile. My younger brother made the sign for me. Me hubs designed it. I have many helpers!
This is my table on Sunday. You can't see it but the table is really made of a wooden door.
Me hubs came to my rescue and arrived with a thick denim jacket lined with fleece. FLEECE! I definitely married the right guy. Before he arrived, I no longer had the ability to move my neck. I was totally frozen.

Me SIL came to visit. Me hubs took this photo. I was zonking out.
 Me sis, Elaine came too with her girl, Mindy.
She bought this bag. She's totally spoiling me, isn't she? Thanks sis. Muah muah. My niece is also constantly recommending me to her friends. These two folks have been very supportive of my little hobby and I'm so appreciative.

I totally forgot to take any pictures of them at the weekend market. That's a clear indication of how sick I was. Or stoned. Or frozen. Take your pick. I hope I never have to go thru' it again. (more later)

This was found in my UFO basket and at the last minute, I turned it into a pouch for a phone. I have many treasures in my UFO basket! A young girl named Peipei bought it. The following day, she returned and bought 5 more pouches!
Yep, these 5 pouches went to Peipei. Thank you Peipei.

I really got to know about Open Doors Weekend Market thru' Serene of Serenite Designs. She bought a flower-flower zip pouch too. Thanks Serene! I met her at red dot design museum when we were neighbours. You know red dot design museum is a really good place to make friends! Ha, again I have no  pictures of Serene. Thundering headache and all. Oh, I'm totally out of flower-flower denim zip pouches and fat-bottomed drawstring bags.

On Sunday, I woke up and discovered I could not open my left eyelid. You have to give me credit for not freaking out because I am someone who over-reacts easily. I guess it was caused by the allergy attack and I soon discovered the left side of my face was more um.. puffy than the right side. Also, my eye bags had completely disappeared! Dem Korean pop band crazy fans.

Like a pro, I still showed up at Open Doors market. But I had the good sense to take panadol extra and antihistamine. Of course it rained heavily. I stood by the side of the road for a good half hour with my umbrella and water-proof luggage before a man walking by called out to me and asked me where I was heading. It turned out the taxi driver was not working but took pity on me seeing how I was standing in the rain and he took me to Orchard Central before going on his way.

I was so glad the antihistamine kicked in because by the time I set up shop, the puffiness had gone down. I was less frozen on Sunday as I came prepared. I wore thick socks, a long sleeved blue Springfield knit-like pullover and I had my fleeced sweater on zipped up all the time. So the cold was not an issue. But my migraine thundered on and I was really thinking I would never, ever recover. Towards the end of the day, my kids treated themselves to Gelare ice-cream. Very, very pricey ice-cream. Anyhoo, long story short, I saw them eating the ice-cream and I asked for a taste and it tasted really, really good. So they saved a little for me and MAN! Something wonderful happened when I ate the heavenly over-priced Gelare ice-cream. I felt so great, and relaxed and wonderful, like on morphine or something. And suddenly my migraine DISAPPEARED! Gee, if I had known very expensive ice-cream is the cure for migraine, I would have eaten a tub earlier!!

Btw, I'll be going back to Open Doors Weekend Market on 18th & 19th September. Don't worry, I'll be sure to wear my socks, my sweater and eat lots of ice-cream.

See ya and good nite.


Kandi said...

Oh wow what a time of it, I can totally sympathise with Migraine (the pills 'migraleve' are working for me), it's debilitating sometimes. Poor thing. Glad you made some sales, the table(door)looks realy great!
Kandi x

Chris H said...

I can't imagine Singapore being cold! When we were there it was so hot we nearly died! Yaaa for making good sales. Your table looks great.

antmee said...

It's a pity you didn't find out sooner that expensive ice cream is the antidote to "Dem Korean pop band crazy fans"! Your weekend sounded awesome except for the crappy headache! You made and sold some beautiful pouches and bag! Amazing pouch you found in your pile of UFO's.

PS your table and sign are great. Organized looking and neat. A very good first impression for new customers!

Solstitches said...

Well what a weekend that was.
Glad you are feeling better. I wouldn't mind taking that kind of medicine!
Looks like you did well at the show even if you did have to freeze your a** off on day one.
Your table looks great!

Dee said...

oh Jane you have a way of making even a terrible experience sound funny and interesting.
the market was a success. are you low on stock? does that mean you have sold heaps. how is the count-down going now?

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