Saturday, September 25, 2010

Cotton Drill Crossbody Bags

Hello again!

I have another moon story to tell. When I was young, my mother used to warn me not to point at the moon. The reason being my ears would be cut. Being a timid and gullible kid, I believed her and would be extra careful when waving my hands at night. But one night, there was a full moon and I pointed at it as any kid would. It immediately dawned on me that my ears were gonna get cut that very night and so I waited in fear for it to happen. Of course my ears didn't get cut. I waited for weeks and nothing happened. Finally I figured out that what my mother told me was rubbish and I asked her why she told me something that was not true. Know what she said? Her mother told it to her!

How weird that one day there was a full moon and my girl who was in kindy then pointed at the moon (as any kid would) and I found myself telling her not to point at the moon or ... I caught myself just in time and tried to change the subject. But my girl is not easily fooled. She demanded to know what would happen if she pointed at the moon. Finally I told her what my mother once told me, that her ears would get cut, quickly adding that it's not true at all. My girl laughed and said, of course not! Kids are way smarter nowadays.

I want to show you 2 bags I made. Originally I was gonna make them shoulder bags but I thought they looked better as crossbody bags. And just so no one complains, I made the length adjustable. The weather in Singapore has been very rainy and cloudy. Today especially, I couldn't take any pics without using flash and I generally don't take pics with flash as they come out all blinding.
This is a cotton drill recessed zipper crossbody bag with butterfly applique. I used white sashiko thread. I've discovered that I've run out of red sashiko thread. That means I've used up 40 meters of red sashiko thread! Is that possible?
And here's a look at the recessed zipper bit.
This one uses a flap for closure. I used egyptian embroidery cotton thread. I prefer sashiko thread but the ones I ordered from a US shop has yet to arrive. It's been many weeks and I'm afraid I'm gonna have to do some chasing soon.
Here's a closer look. Doesn't the wooden ring look so right?

After I made these 2 bags, I thought I would want to make them shoulder length as well. I believe it would look good too. So if I have the time, I'll make maybe 1 more this design. Have a great weekend and I'll show more of my completed bags next week.


Kandi said...

We have a similar thing with Rainbows, I was always told it was bad luck to point at a Rainbow as if you did you would never have any money!?!? How odd that we belived it.
Kandi x

tamdoll said...

These bags look great - I'm going to have to try the recessed zipper one of these days.
Now for that cut-ears story- just strange! Funny though, and glad you can laugh about it with your kids.

Micki said...

Those bags are just exquisite! They are so classy looking!

Chris H said...

How fu;nny about the moon. Those two bags are really nice.. I envy you being able to do zips so well.. it's something I really need to practise more.

Jenny said...

I especially like the one with the butterfly Jane, all the best for the market!

Dee said...

Cute bags! The red butterfly one is so snazzy.
Yep i would believe that you have gone through 40m of red sashiko thread. Amazing when you suddenly realise that you have stitched that much hey.

Dee said...

I'm so pleased that the red cross-over, butterfly bag now resides in our home... so is my 15 year old who is the proud owner. :)

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