Friday, March 22, 2013

Crochet flowers for your hair

I have been crocheting on and off since my kids were born and they're now teens. I started off crocheting bags and pouches. The problem was they took a long time to make and I still have a few UFOs lying around. I'll probably be cremated with them! I think I suffer from the same problem as many other women who craft. We want to do too many projects without first finishing the ones we already started.

With that in mind, I didn't want to trap myself into another crochet project that will take decades to complete. So I opted for flowers which shouldn't take more than half an hour easily. I originally intended to make them as brooches but I ended up turning them into hair clips. I added pearls and for the red flower, I added a sequin as well. The method I used for attaching the beads are the same as that I used for my lace hair clips blogged here.

In my haste to make these crochet hair flowers, I had not stopped to consider if women wear crochet flowers on their hair. I personally don't wear any hair accessories as I was severely traumatized during my teens.

I think I was 16 and one day I had a hair cut and maybe I didn't like how my hair turned out, I went to school wearing 2 hair clips hoping to disguise it. And you understand up until then, I never wore hair clips to school. All my classmates laughed at me. Not just the little laughs. But the huge hooting laughs. Girls can be so mean. And the worst were the ones who were my friends. They kept asking me why I was wearing hair clips and  to remove the hair clips so they could see what my hair looked like but I refused. Finally, they took matters into their own hands and pulled the hair clips away. That made them laugh even more. Because they informed me that my new hair cut made my long face look even longer. Sadly, many people have often found it compelling to inform me that I have a long face. Honestly, I don't even mind it or notice it. But to have so many people - hairstylists, friends, relatives, strangers - reminding me over and over that having a long face is so undesirable, it's quite upsetting. So the mean girls returned the hair clips to me and said I had better put the clips back on. Of course I couldn't wear any hair clips again.

These two flowers are quite large and heavier so I thought they're more appropriate as bag accesories.
I would have used 3 pearls on the orange/green one except I only found 2 of these in Tiba's stash.

I notice that I am quite conservative in my choice of yarns and crochet threads. Most are solids. I never really thought about it until now when I wanted more colourful flowers and the brightest I have is red. Where are all the psychedelics? When it comes to fabric, I could buy up the whole rainbow. It's quite strange if you think about it.

My dear Melly is my model again and this time Bear will have none of the "Bear has no hair" nonsense. So he got to model the crochet flower bag accessories.

Would you believe I took all these photos during a thunderstorm without flash? My canons100 is really good when it comes to taking photos in the dark. And what's the weather like where you live? I'm so tired of the thunderstorms here. I mean, it's been like this since Nov last year.


Bethany said...

Holy crap girls are mean! That would have traumatized me too!! I used to wear my hair the same way every day -- half pulled back in one of those scrunchy things. My friends were convinced I was hiding a bald spot. So I wore it all down one day, and they told me I had a lot of hair and no wonder I pulled it back. Yeah, I though, no wonder. Idiots. :)

Little Blue Mouse said...

When Bear wanted to model I doubt he was thinking he'd be pierced in the process!

We've got snow here today and it's supposed to be Spring with nice sunny weather.

By the way, I'm now following you with bloglovin' (get me!). Can you see who's following you with that?

Laurie-Jane said...

The weather in Perth is perfect blue skies, mild and sunny. It's the sort of weather that makes you feel like doing stuff. We had a long, hot, draining summer. I love to crochet it is one of my favourite crafts, I very much like the flowers you made.

Linda said...

How sad that your "friends" made you self conscience! You have a beautiful face! You can be proud!
I had a friend once tell me I "walked funny". I practiced for days walking differently. I must have looked like an idiot trying to walk in a different way. I don't think I walked funny at all. My friend just wanted to let me know she thought she was prettier. Unfortunately, every now and then that awful feeling that I am walking funny creeps up on me and I wonder if everyone is watching and laughing behind my back!

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