Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The return of the wasp


This morning after taking my son to the train station, I came home and settled down in front of my computer to play Candy Crush (level 121). Yes, this is kind of my routine now. Before Candy Crush took over my life, I would do some housework.

Suddenly I heard a familiar zzzzz sound followed by a big black object coming at me. It landed on my crotch and when I saw what it was, I screamed my head  off. It was that damn wasp again (blogged here) and it was on my crotch. Good thing I am always fully clothed at home. So I screamed and screamed and tried to get it off me without touching it.

Then I saw my yellow container which I use to put my pencil shavings and loose thread. It's like my rubbish bin. I grabbed it and smashed it on my crotch - over and over again until the wasp fell to the ground. That's when I quickly placed the container over the wasp trapping it. I could still hear it moving around. I don't know how I did it but while moving it still trapped in the container, I managed to catch its leg on the cover and so that's when it stopped moving. I placed something heavy over the container and waited for hubs to wake up so he could get rid of it. And I finally stopped screaming. I don't know how hubs could sleep through my screams.

Hours later, hubs woke up and his idea of getting rid of the insect was to sweep it outside our home. He said the hornet looked dead. I really can't tell the difference between a wasp or a hornet. Of course I wasn't gonna let the wasp-hornet regain consciousness and come back for revenge. So I bravely took a plastic bag and placed it on one of the steps on the staircase. Then I got hubs to sweep it into the plastic bag. Then I put a dead knot in the plastic bag and threw it into the rubbish chute. Clearly, I am now braver than hubs.

I hope the wasp-hornet doesn't send out a search party because I really don't want another attack. And I'm keeping the yellow container close to me at all times. It pretty much saved my life.

p.s. i wished i had taken a pic of the dead wasp-hornet!


Sandy said...

Scary, but so glad you got rid of it!

BTW, Level 121?? I think I am going to be stuck forever on Level 97 :(

Bethany said...

I am so very glad you did NOT share a picture of that :)

Tammy said...

Scary!!! Glad you weren't stung! (That would have been very awkward.)

Toughie said...

Hello! I LOVE your blog! I popped over from Sew Many Ways, and just wanted to say hello :D Also, I'm glad you weren't stung, but this did make me chuckle!

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