Wednesday, March 6, 2013

I can eat this but I can't eat that

Ever since news broke out that Ikea's swedish meatballs contained horse meat, I had the exact same question as everyone else.

What does horse meat taste like?

I'm kidding. I'm kidding. All I wanted to know was are swedish meatballs made in Sweden?

Now I love dining at Ikea's cafeteria. It always feels like home. They make you clear your own mess. But I did not love the swedish meatballs. I tolerated them. I've probably eaten them four, five, six, seven or eight times. I've always found something missing in the dish. Like taste. I mean, if you were to ask me what the meatballs taste like, I couldn't give you an answer because you eat them and you forget about them. The taste is not memorable.

It's funny how the mind works. The minute Ikea withdrew their meatballs, I suddenly wanted to eat them. Me and hubs dashed down to Ikea last week to confirm what we already knew. Swedish meatballs are no longer on sale in Singapore.

Ikea Singapore had decided to halt sales of her infamous meatballs pending DNA test even though the meat source is not from the same one Ikea elsewhere used. Ikea revealed that the meat in Singapore's swedish meatballs are from Brazil and Australia.

I was extremely disturbed by this piece of news because I was under the illusion that Swedish meatballs came from Sweden. So, no swede in Swedish meatballs?

Now doesn't that make you angry? I'll bet there will be a public outcry if your dim sum was not Chinese.

This horse meat scandal got me thinking about the food I couldn't eat.

I know I would not eat horse meat knowingly.
I can't eat raw fish. No sushi. 
I can eat bbq pork but not if it's cooked in soup.
I am not a fan of pigs innards and would vomit internally if I smelled the smell.
I ate frog legs once thinking it was tender chicken but the minute I was told it was frog legs, I immediately threw up.
I can't eat reptiles.
I can eat quails eggs but I can't eat quails.
I have eaten beef and mutton but I would vomit internally if I smelled the smell.
I have eaten beef burgers though. No vomit. Maybe they were horse meat?
I can't eat turtles or drink turtle soup or eat turtle eggs. No turtle.
I can't eat snails or bugs.
I can't even think of eating rabbits.
I can't eat any birds not reared for consumption. Like if I see a chicken crossing a street, I couldn't catch it and kill it and cook it and eat it. Nope.

Once when I was a kid and still living in a village, my siblings caught a bird. I forget what kind and they said they were gonna cook it. I'm thinking now we were probably very poor and hungry. Because they really did it. It wasn't that big a bird so each person got a small portion. Although I ate my share it haunted me big time.

All this talk about food I couldn't eat has brought on the nausea. Big time. Have to go vomit externally.


Bethany said...

I might go vomit too. I'm still back on reptiles and snails :)

Carol & Eddy said...

Heh you made me laugh again :-) actually I always found the ikea meatballs n the grey, muddy gravy a tad too bland for my taste bud :-) next time I'll bring my fav chili sauce to go with the balls n gravy. The meatballs were back yesterday methinks. Also, I love the questions about finding "real wood in Ikea furniture"; I always wondered as well :-)

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