Sunday, March 17, 2013

Google Reader - The End is Near


I'm sure you've heard already. Google Reader will cease to exist on 1st July 2013. When news of Google Reader's impending demise broke, I could hear the collective sigh of readers all over the world. This followed by the stampede to find alternative readers.

Now I'm not really worried about how you gonna read your other blogs. I'm just worried how you gonna read my blog. Hahahahaha. There are many ways to follow my blog. And all the other blogs as well.

1. Through Bloglovin'
You need to sign up. It's easy peasy. And you can find me here.
Best bit - you can import blogs from Google Reader over. Just make sure you are already signed on to the correct gmail before you initiate the import.

p.s. I've taken the liberty of adding some of your blogs to Bloglovin' so don't be surprised if you find your blog there already. And you're welcome.

2. Through The Old Reader
Sign-ups are needed. I chose to use my Google id instead of facebook. Importing your blog subscriptions is a little harder here. You need to first of all download it through Google Takeout. After you have saved it to your computer, you need to unzip it and find one find with a xml extension. That's the file you want. I tried to import my subscriptions and currently there are 37,620 other readers ahead of me waiting for their turn. Clearly The Old Reader is not ready for the stampede. If you want to read up on what the developers of The Old Reader has planned, read here.

3. Through Feedly
Speaking of stampede, many have flocked to feedly. The servers are probably struggling. I use it on Firefox but it's hanging right now so I can't show you anything. If you can't get into feedly, wait until things settle down. You do have over 3 months. You can find me here.

4. Through feedburner
All my posts are fed through feedburner and I've added a new page "Subscribe to this blog". It's on the sidebar. Or you could click here

5. Through email
You can subscribe via the widget on my sidebar or you could click here.

6.  Through facebook
You can find me here. Although facebook is not a reliable way to get updates of your blog posts, and I don't encourage you to rely on facebook, (because it sucks) you can LIKE me anyway.

7. Through Google+
Okay, stop laughing now. I'm on Google+. Here.  If link doesn't work, it's on my sidebar.

8. Through Networked Blog
You've probably never heard of this before. It's no different from other readers. You can find it here. And you can find me here.

9. Through Bloglist
If you own a blogspot blog, you could add a gadget on the sidebar. Just go to layout/add a widget/bloglist and you can either import your subscriptions or add whatever blog you want to follow.

See the sample I've done above? It tells you how old the post is and gives snippets so you'll know if you've read them. Not exactly the best way to read your blogs but it's an alternative.

9. You can also come to my blog every day or whenever you want.


Little Blue Mouse said...

Now you know you're gonna get a dumb question from me.

I follow you through your members thing, which says it's with Google Friend Connect. Is that the same as Google Reader?

Suzee said...

I've been using feedly off and on for a for awhile . It has the ap for my phone and does great. Also Feed Demon is a good one. It's a stand alone and downloaded to the desktop.

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