Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Felt flower hair pins


This morning I woke up full of resolve to make one bag. Any kind of bag just to get out of this funk I'm in. Well, it didn't happen. You see, I was held hostage by a wasp.

Even before I had my breakfast, this giant wasp flew into my home. It was obviously lost and for some reason very attracted to my dining table light. The stupid insect kept getting its wings zapped by the light bulb yet it kept going back for more. ZZZZ zzz ZZZZ. This went on and on. Yet it survived. It wasn't even stunned.

Meanwhile I was panicking. I am petrified of insects. All insects. Wasps and bees are top of the list. I armed myself with the biggest umbrella in my home and grabbed today's newspapers. The umbrella was to shield myself from the wasp and the newspaper was to kill it. Of course I was fooling myself. There was no way I was capable of killing a wasp. I am a quivering coward.

I opened the door to the balcony and shut all other doors. I stood near the main door with the umbrella open and waited for the darn insect to fly its way out of my home. I waited and I waited and yes, it started to feel really silly standing there in my home holding this giant umbrella open. But the wasp just wouldn't leave. It flew around my home, again and again and always went back to the light. Finally I started to feel that my life was in danger as sometimes it would fly past my head.

As much as I wanted to protect my life, I was in the middle of a Level 86 Candy Crush crusade and this was an extremely hard level to complete. Finally I was on a good roll and had a good feeling I would win the round. So I risked my life and went and sat in front of the computer. With one hand holding the umbrella over my head, I used the other hand to play Candy Crush. And yes, I eventually lost. This is how crazily addicted I am to Candy Crush.

Finally, I became too nervous to be in the same room as the wasp. I switched off all the lights and ran into the bedroom and shut the door behind me. Yes, me, the umbrella and today's newspaper. I lay on my bed and tried to sleep but of course I couldn't sleep. After about half and hour, I ventured out and it worked. The stupid wasp was finally gone.

And that's basically why I did not make my bag after all. I was too rattled.

But let me show you some felt flower hair pins I had made. Previously I had made some over the top felt flowers brooches but they did not sell as well as I imagined. In fact I think I have a couple still unsold. So this time I reined in my urge to embroider wildly and stuck to two or three colours. Also, I decided not to make brooches this time but used hair pins instead.

Would women wear these felt flowers on their hair? I'm hoping so. As for the two brooches which were unsold, I'm thinking I should convert them to hair pins instead.


Bethany said...

Well seriously. Who could be expected to work when a giant wasp is in your house trying to kill you? I sew in the dining room, and once a gigantic spider wanted nothing more than to see me dead. I screamed bloody murder until someone killed it. I couldn't sew for the next two days I was so rattled. I understand, Jane. I understand. :)

Laurie-Jane said...

Yes I am a grown woman (first time I've admitted that) and I would wear one of those hair pins. They are really well made. Two things bug me (bug me, get it) about the story. One, where is the wasp? How can you be sure it's not napping and will return and two it's an old wives tale and as I have already admitted I am an old wife, you never open an umbrella in doors like, never. I actually don't know why but I always stick to that rule. I also hold my collar and never swallow after seeing an ambulance until I have seen a dog.

Little Blue Mouse said...

I agree with Laurie-Jane^, how do you know the wasp has really gone? Switching all the lights off probably made it think it was bedtime and it's just gone to sleep.

Chris H said...

I bet you are now looking for that wasp!
Ever heard of Flyspray? You could have sprayed it dead, then you wouldn't be left wondering if it is asleep and waiting to scare you again! lol
I love the felt pins.

Sew Karen said...

Next time have a sugary drink and put the empty glass on the table near the wasp. It will fly in for the sugar and you can turn the glass upside down. They always fly upwards so you can walk it to a window and release it - or not!

Why not put those unsold felt brooches on a bag instead.

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