Friday, May 31, 2013

If wishes were horses, beggars would ride

Holy crap! Is this week over already? I swear it felt like yesterday when I was just at Vivocity craft market and this weekend, meaning, tomorrow and the day after, I have to go back on duty. It's crazy. 4, 5 days is not enough time to sew anything. In fact I spent almost one whole day just thinking it's not enough time to sew anything. By Wednesday I was so nervous, practically crapping in my pants, partly because it's parent-meet-teacher week for me. And since I have 2 kids in school, it's double that. Both my kids had a couple of subjects they did not do well in and I was very stressed out over that. It's also my girl's streaming year and my son's final year in secondary school so, multiply the stress 10 times. And double that.

Anyhoos, I have faced the teachers, spoken to them, listened to what they have to say and I'm happy to report I survived. No cardiac arrest, like I imagined. No fainting spells and no screams. (from me) My kids have promised to work harder and I shall hold them to their words.

So where was I? Yes, it seems I'm in good health having survived the kids' report cards. And I did manage to make a few items. Wish I could have made a lot more.

If wishes were horses, beggars would ride. (read that somewhere, forgot where)

This is a zip pouch wristlet with a little embroidery. Everything was inspired by the colour of the zipper. I know. Some people look to nature, paintings, google images for inspiration. I just stare at my zippers and something is bound to come up.

I've made this butterfly applique plenty of times. But never with this fabric. The bag is made using cotton twill. This fabric is almost running out and I'm almost certain it's no longer available at the shop.

I had no intention of making any more sexy zippy wristlets but I discovered a ready-cut fabric in my "forgotten" tray. I used the super big teeth zippers again.

I usually don't make bags in black or grey but this fabric screamed at me when I was fabric shopping one day. I think it turned out not too bad. I didn't feel like making a long handle so I used webbing. I'm sure to get some scoldings from customers for using webbing.

I made another bag using the flapper girls fabric.

Oh, don't get too excited. This bag isn't really big and probably will just fit a wallet, keys, make-up, camera, an umbrella and maybe a couple of books. And your tablet/ipad as well.

This crossbody bag I completed just as the sun was setting. The fabric is super cute! The animals are cooks. It's linen cotton so there's bound to be some complaints that "the fabric looks dirty". I shall practice my dirty look.

So glad all the sewing is over and done with. I think 6 items in a week is not too bad. That's probably what some of you make in ONE YEAR.

All I need is for these 6 items to sell this weekend at Vivocity craft market and I'll be able to pay the rent, expenses and my girl's lavish meals. (she's coming to help me) I'm so looking forward to next week because I want to stop sewing for a week.

Other than this weekend, I'll be selling at Vivocity on these other dates as well in case you can't make it this weekend.

29th & 30th June
6th & 7th July
27th & 28th July

See ya.


Mandy said...

The flapper girl bag is cute.

Suzee said...

I love that bigger bag.. the black and white one.. Are you keeping patterns from us? lol
I love the green clutch! pretty green!
good luck with your sales.. I hope no one makes out again in front of your stand .. or put a sign up saying "must purchase before exchanging slobbers"

Suzee said...

OH forgot to mention, that saying is from a old nursery rhyme.. don't know it though lol

punkychewster said...

Glad to see you on the Photo a Day challenge, even though you seem like you do a gazillion things already!

Little Blue Mouse said...

I just love that first wristlet pouch!

Linda said...

All of your bags look so nice!
(My husband uses that saying all the time, by the way!)

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