Wednesday, May 1, 2013

May Day May Day

May is here. Today is a public holiday in Singapore. It's called Labour Day. Is it a public holiday in your country? To celebrate the day appropriately, I did manual labour. That's right, I cleaned the floor. Not just the usual vacuuming or the lazy way using the magic cleaner. I vacuumed every inch of the floor. I even moved stuff out of the way so I could get into all the corners and hidden places. And after all that, I mopped the floor using not a regular mop but with scotch brite microfibre mop.

This is a mop for serious moppers. For one thing, it's not that easy to push around. But it really cleans. It traps all the hair and dust and dirt. I don't even use any special detergent, just water. The downside is you have to scoop up some of the dirt yourself as the mop doesn't grab everything. Also, you have to use your hands to remove the "fabric" to rinse it. After using this mop, I feel like I've lost at least 1kg in sweat.

When we first moved into our flat in 1999, I really made a huge effort to keep my home clean. I may have gone overboard at times (imagine!) mopping the floor every day. Back then I cleaned the floor with my hands and a cloth. I think if I had not gotten my muscles problems, I would have continued and kept the home nice and clean... Nowadays, I wait till my feet darken before I consider mopping!

Yesterday night I decided it would be perfect to try and figure out other ways of installing a zipper to a bag. I know my timing sucks but I often get the most motivated when I don't have the time. Well, I fiddled and I fiddled but it turned out I couldn't come up with other ways of installing a zipper. So I did it my usual way - the zipper pouch way. Yes, that's my secret. I sew most bags like I would a zipper pouch. But this bag is slightly different as I needed a handle.

I made this bag out of a linen cotton fabric. I did not interface it as it is a slouchy bag. The bag is very wide which is how it gets the nice little curve. Actually it's not really curvy. Just gravity doing its thing. Hubs said the cross body zip bag is QUITE HIPSTER.

Here, feast your eyes on the zipper details. I forgot where I bought this zipper. I like it a lot because it's wider than dress zippers. But since I don't remember where I bought it I can't buy it again. :(

I'm almost certain this is the last item I'll make for my path market at vivocity. I haven't done my packing and price tagging. So that'll probably take the entire Thursday. And Friday I'll spend the whole day looking through my clothes deciding what to wear. Just kidding. Friday, I'll be good and chill.

Yesterday hubs and I saw Olympus Has Fallen. Gerard Butler plays the action hero. In the movie poster above, he does look like a action hero. Since I've seen the movie, I can tell you the poster was Photoshopped. In the movie, he looked a lot chubbier. Especially his face. Around his cheeks and neck. He does possess the body of a action hero. Morgan Freeman did not disappoint with his golden voice. His role is a lot smaller than what you imagine from the poster. Spoiler alert: A lot of people die in the movie. A lot. A LOT. A LOT LOT.

Happy Labour Day.


pennydog said...

Our May Day bank holiday is on Monday here in the UK- it's the first monday of May, even though technically it's May Day today.

Carol & Eddy said...

I always enjoy reading your posts :-)

Tammy said...

That doesn't even look like Gerard Butler on the poster. I haven't seen a movie in so long! Never heard of this one... I am out of the loop. But your projects are making me think of sewing again - it's been forever. It will probably take me 6 months to actually get around to it though....

No official holiday here, just a Monday like usual. I love Mondays - the chaos of the weekend is replaced with a nice schedule and predictability.

punkychewster said...

Happy Labour Day! A shame you had to clean the house on a holiday. I use those Swiffer duster sheets to pick up dust from those hard to sweep places like under the beds and behind cupboards. I love them!!

Linda said...

Our May 1 is not a holiday, but May 27 is! I'm with my grandkids away from home, but they will be out of school on Monday and we can do some "fun stuff"!
Love your cross body bag. Your hubs is right. It's quite hipster!

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