Monday, May 20, 2013

iPhone 5 zip pouch

Ever since hubs bought his iPhone 5 and I had discovered (to my horror) that iPhone 5 is taller than iPhone 4, I had been thinking about making zip pouches for iPhone 5. It makes sense to make them to fit iPhone 5 since it'll fit both the 4 and 5. Of course I dilly and dallied and on Sunday, I forced myself to make them.

I had discovered some red panther Echino scraps and wanted so badly to be able to use it for at least one iPhone zip pouch. This was the best I could do without having to do any piecing.

I made a grand total of 5 of these zip pouches. If you think I made 5 because it's iPhone 5, you're wrong. I just ran out of steam.

I hope these 5 will satisfy my customers at my VivoCity craft market. I don't see myself making any more for quite a while. They do use up scraps nicely.

If you're interested in making this iPhone zip pouch, I have a pattern available for purchase (instant download) at Etsy. Please note that the size only fits iPhone 4 or smaller.

Now I had been thinking about what I should do regarding my iPhone zip pouch pattern. I wonder if I should retire the iPhone 4 version and create a new iPhone 5 version. Or just leave it alone? Anyway, at the moment, I don't have any time to do anything about it. I hope to get some time off sewing in August to take care of my new patterns.


Suzee said...

Oh love the fabric choices! You have a good eye to putting fabrics together for projects..
On the pattern you could offer just pattern pieces if they have ordered the other size.. since sewing it together wouldn't be much different. and if they need the instructions have a separate order form for the new size pattern with the instuctions..I wish phones would stop going different sizes .. I myself wish I had gotten a bigger screen size...

Bethany said...

I just ran into the same issue with my new phone--it's about an inch taller. I had to sew a new bag so the pockets would fit it. boo hoo, right? :)

Linda said...

My husband has the iPhone 5 and I was given his old iPhone 4. I didn't realize they were different sizes! Your cases are really nice!

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