Tuesday, May 21, 2013

I heart Paris passport cover

Someone's going travelling and it's not me. Nope, I'm not a traveller. What with headaches, altitude sickness, migraine, it's hard enough to stay alive being stationed in one place.

This passport cover is for my friend, Mandy of Mandy Pan Millinery who is going places soon. Lucky girl.

I have no plans to leave Singapore in the near future.

This is my passport. It has long expired. The last time I travelled, my girl was still in kindy. She's 14 this year.

I went through my archives and discovered I haven't made many passport covers in the past.

This was the first one I made many years ago.

This was the second one, made in the same style.

These 2 were made out of interesting print so no embroidery was needed.

 Do you use a passport cover for your passport? For me, I don't. I prefer the raw passport. I don't even use a plastic cover. Somehow it feels more real.


Suzee said...

Oh those are adorable! I would love to have had one when I traveled.. well my hubby did and the air force moved us all lol I still have my passport but I doubt I will ever use it again..I'm like you I want to stay put now.I'm sortof scared to travel actually lol
I love how you do the embroidery stitches around them!

Linda said...

I've never used a cover for my passport. I didn't even know you were allowed to use a cover! Yours is really pretty, though!

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