Wednesday, May 22, 2013

2 Curvy Zippy Bags

I have slowed down my sewing as I feel fatique creeping in. Alright, it's not really fatique. I just wanna stop sewing for a while. Waaaaah!!!

I made 2 curvy zippy bags. Actually I modified my crescent bag to make it less curvy. The zipper installation is a lot smoother.

This polka dot is made of linen. It might have a very small percent of cotton. I've made this bag slightly bigger than the crescent bag.

You could easily put the following in the bag: umbrella, handphone, wallet, scarf, thin sweater, camera, water bottle and keys.

There's one small patch pocket inside.

This bag made of linen cotton word print fabric is exactly the same size as the polka dot. The difference is I used soft fusible fleece for this bag while the polka dot one, I used stiffer interfacing.

The feel of the two bags are very different. What do you usually use for the interlining? I honestly can go for any kind of interlining. I like to use different ones for same design just to see the difference.


Anna said...

Lately I've been using regular fleece plus sew-in interfacing on top of fusible woven interfacing. It gives the bag some body without the papery feel that some nonwoven fusibles sometimes give to the fabric. I just make sure to trim back the excess interfacing to just about where the seam is so that it doesn't get too bulky along the seams.

I'm still experimenting though.

Chris H said...

Both bags are lovely!

jane p said...

3 kinds of interlining on 1 bag? I've never tried that. At most I've used fusible interfacing plus fusible fleece. I know what you mean about the papery feel of some interfacing. I bought some by mistake. The ones I use regularly do not have the papery feel. I'm thinking I should make fabric journal covers to get rid of the papery interfacing. I have at least 5 yards worth.

Linda said...

I just use what I have around since I don't make as many bags as you do. What a great idea to try different interfacings with the same fabric to test the difference!

Jane said...

i adore polka dots!

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