Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to you. (if you're a mother). I hope you feel loved today.

My kids got me a little cake and wished me Happy Mother's Day. I'm hoping they'll throw in vacuuming and washing the toilets.

Yesterday we had the obligatory Mother's Day meal for my MIL at a Chinese restaurant. The restaurant took the opportunity to jack up the price. How do they do it? They give you limited choices in the menu selections. I'm pretty sure we paid double the normal rate. We had the usual dim sum, sharks fin soup (I think it's fake sharks fin), chicken, vegetables, fish, prawns and rice plus dessert.

 My MIL devoured this fish.

This glutinous rice came wrapped in a large leaf. It tasted horrid.

The prawns came with the shells unpeeled. A good husband peels the prawn shell for his wife.

The prawns were utterly tasteless.

I had a huge headache afterwards. MSG is evil.

Yesterday I finally wore the skirt I won from Thongbai Tatong 1 year ago! I almost forgot about the skirt. The skirt is soooo lovely. It feels so nice and soft against my skin. And so comfy. I want to live in it. I think I got a littler fatter since I got the skirt but it still fits.

Speaking of wins, I entered so many giveaways in the Sew Mama blog hop and was hoping to win something. But I've yet to receive any notification of my win. I have a feeling I won nothing. Did anyone of you win anything?

Yesterday was a big day. We saw Star Trek Into Darkness on Imax 3D. It was really expensive for the four of us. I don't know if you really need to see this movie on Imax. I had to keep closing my eyes and dodging my head to avoid the space debris and missiles. What a waste on me.

We were lent the big assed 3D glasses so I was very happy. Fits both our huge heads.

Spoiler alert: A lot of people die in the movie. A lot. A lot lot. But most of them are extras. However, a major character does die. Be prepared.

My girl is crazy about Benedict Cumberbatch. I first noticed him in Sherlock. I was like wtf!? He has a very unusual but arresting look and very pale looking skin.

In the Star Trek movie, Benedict plays a terrorist, "John Harrison". Actually we were talking after the movie and we weren't that sure if he is a terrorist. I shan't tell you more about the movie because you want to be surprised.

See ya.


punkychewster said...

Happy Mother's Day Jane! Even though you didn't enjoy your Mother's Day meal, those food pictures are enough to make me salivate!!!

Tammy said...

We saw a movie, too for Mother's Day. I wanted to go see Iron Man 3 & it was great, and I figured at a movie theater everyone would have to stay quiet and nobody could fight. It was also my oldest daughter's 18th birthday, so we had lots of cake - not sure I'll recover so quickly from that.

I don't see the appeal of Benedict Cumberbatch either, but so many people like him. Maybe if I saw something he's in I'd change my mind.

Suzee said...

You look great in that skirt! and I agree that rice does look horrid.. lol but the rest looked yummy!!! glad you had a nice mothers day!

Linda said...

Happy Mother's Day (a little late!)
You look wonderful in your skirt and top! It does look comfortable!

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