Monday, April 29, 2013

A giant zip pouch and others

On Sunday I woke up late as I usually do and I had no plans to sew. No plans at all even though it is my last week to sew anything for my path market at Vivocity this coming weekend. I already know I don't have much stock for my market (story of my life) and I didn't feel ashamed at all. You could say I'm quite good at letting myself off.

I don't even remember what happened but suddenly I found myself sewing away. It's like my hands took over my brains and said, "we're in charge." Before I knew it, I had finished this clutch.

I used a walnut hill farm fabric which I like a lot. Just look at the illustration. You can tell it's just my thing. I showed it to my family and got a round of applause. No, they don't always applaud. Sometimes it's a slow clap. Sometimes it's a so-so.

My adrenaline was really pumping and I dived into the next project. Nothing too complicated or big. I used the remaining large polka dots blue print. But there was a hitch. You know how you may have all the zippers in every colour and size but the one you need you're bound to run out of. So I had to go to a neighbourhood shop to buy a zipper and I had to pay more than double the price compared to the shops at Chinatown. Grrr...

Here's the completed zip pouch with the right size/colour zipper. So sad I don't have any more of this polka dot fabric left. At the same time, this linen cotton fabric is quite unyielding unlike cotton so it's also a relief.

You know how I often overdo stuff? Like get too into something and then get really sick and tired of it? I remembered that. So I stopped myself from making another item. I mean, two items in a day is pretty good. Plus, Sunday should be a non-working day!

Today I had to go out for a few hours to run some errands and I didn't really want to do it because I was still having a sewing high and I wanted to work on my next project. But the errands had to be run and then I rushed home to sew! Amazing. When was the last time this happened? It was late afternoon when I started and by the time I finished, the sun had died. But never mind, I still took photos of my three projects anyway.

I had been working on bits of patchwork on and off for a while and finally I decided I would turn it into a GIANT ZIP POUCH. The hand embroidery took a long time. I used batting instead of fusible interfacing as I wanted the embroidery to have a little quilted effect. I didn't really plan it out but let my fingers do the sewing. I used mainly running stitches and straight stitches.




This zip pouch can be used as a clutch or as a wristlet. It's so big I think my head could go in. Or maybe part of my head. No I didn't try. I love, love this giant zip pouch. I will put it up for sale at path market at Vivocity. I've not made a zip pouch this size before. I wonder if anyone will buy it?

Partay: Sew many ways


Suzee said...

I love them all!!! Is the first flap clutch pictured adapted from your easy sling bag?
I bet you won't have your quilted bag very long at the market!! its adorable!! Good luck at the market!

tammy said...

It's Tammy, hello! (Get it, the knock knock??)

Well, I love your bags/clutches/pouches. Is the last one big enough for a e-reader or ipad? That may be useful!

Linda said...

Love the patchwork zip pouch! Love the others too, by the way!

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