Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Two polka dot clutches


It's time I stop fooling around. Time to get serious and make a few items for my craft market which is in less than a month. This is what I've been telling myself since March and every day without fail, something shiny will catch my eye.

Not this morning. This morning I put my fake gun (my fingers) against my head and made myself go make something, anything. All I really wanted to do was go check out what Johnny Depp was up to but I was afraid of my fake gun.

So I made these two clutches. They look familiar, don't they? Ah yes, it seems I keep using the 2 same polka dot fabric. It's not that I have run out of fabric...


I imagined myself running out of fabric and had to laugh. Hilarious.

It's just that most of my fabric are in the storeroom and apparently how I spring clean is I stack everything one on top of another. So now I'm in no mood to re-arrange or search or do any heavy lifting. Because I'm tired. So exhausted. I think I am suffering from a tiredness condition. Like you think about doing something and you're so tired just thinking about it.

So... I do have some fabric outside the storeroom but I couldn't see clutches in them. That's pretty much why these 2 clutches are made in the same 2 fabric I have been using for everything else.

I know I should be at least a little bit ashamed of my poor housekeeping but really, I'm not. 

 Same lining. Need you ask? Anyone as bad as housekeeping as me?

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Linda said...

Polka dots are perfect for those bags. You should see my sewing room right now! It's shameful. I understand completely!

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