Monday, April 8, 2013

Excuse me, there's a ladybird on your leaf


Are you, like me, an impulse buyer especially when it comes to craft supplies? I often can't resist buying stuff which I think would find useful, one day except on the day of the purchase, I don't really know when that day will come.

So that's how I ended up with these tiny ladybirds which I think are made of wood or woodish sort of material.

I enjoy looking at them. But what next? So I had them in my drawers for a while. Recently when I was making my hair accessories, I decided to incorporate them in my hair pins.

Because these ladybirds are so tiny, I had to make the leaves not too big. The leaves are made of felt and I cut them freehand because they're so small.

At first I used green leaves but as hair accessories, leaves can really be any colour. I'll be selling these at my next craft market. I hope someone buys them because I have plenty more of these ladybirds.

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Linda said...

Those are adorable!!

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