Friday, April 19, 2013

Friday Ketchup No. 4

So this week went by pretty quick. Hubs took me to see Oblivion.

It's a sci-fi movie and Tom Cruise is in 99% of the scenes. I'm not exactly a Tom Cruise fan even though he did produce a beautiful daughter. I'm also not a Tom Cruise hater. I can take it or leave it. Oh, spoiler alert: Tom Cruise rides a bike in the movie. A lot. It's not a bad movie. But I have so many questions about the movie afterwards. Like... Oh, go see the movie for yourself.

Finally went to the swimming pool for a swim. Yay, I can finally justify buying my expensive swimming costume! Hubs went with me. It turned out this lady who had invited me to go swimming with her kinda found someone else to swim with. (yep, i got dumped) So either I go on my own or I wait for hubs to be free to go. I discovered I remembered how to swim. (I only know breaststroke) But I didn't have any sunscreen. Good thing I didn't get burnt.

Yesterday I decided I had best get some sunscreen for my next swim. I have super sensitive skin and have tried dozens of brand and always end up with rashes. One brand made me look like I had small pox. This brand I'm trying out is Avene. I walked into the shop and told the lady at the counter I was looking for... and the lady completed my sentence for me. Sunscreen, she said happily. Yes, is my face that red? Anyhoo, I will try it out next time I go swimming.

Today I did something really unusual. I read in the newspaper about this brush that could untangle tangled hair easily and I went to the shop and bought it. It's called Tangle Teezer and I bought the one that I could use in the shower. There were so many colours available but I only wanted the hot pink. It's quite unlike me to be persuaded by a newspaper article especially when it is to promote a product. But I have awful tangled hair and so does hubs. Plus we had this voucher which was expiring and we could use it to pay for this expensive brush. Haha. It does brush very nicely and for a few hours afterwards we look like we have flat hair. Our dream come true. So I think the brush did its job. But it did take off a few of my hair. If I were to use an ordinary hair brush, I would lose chunks of my hair. So I'm pretty happy with it. While I was choosing the colour of my brush, an old lady was happily buying up a storm. Why does she need so many? Probably as gifts.

I made a few drawstring bags for my market. I used to make these maybe a few years ago but one day I stopped making them. Probably got bored to death. I use whatever width and height of fabric I have so each bag is of a different size.

This print is Raggedy Ann & Andy by Lecien.

I used the leftover Ikea orange bird fabric to make this larger drawstring bag.

For my next drawstring bag, I wanted to do something a little different and as sometimes happens when we try new stuff, I'm feeling it's not great.

I added ruffles. I know I'm not a ruffles kind of person but I have been thinking of making ruffles for a while and this seemed like a good time to start.

This is what the bag looks like drawn. I'm not loving the squishiness of it. This print is also by Lecien. (check out the hula hula girls) I haven't given up on ruffles yet. Will try it again sometime soon. And how was your week?

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Suzee said...

I love the Raggedy ann and andy bag!!! Every time I see you make a new bag from this pattern I'm like omgosh I NEED to get this pattern done!
I've been so sick last couple of weeks.. hoping Saturday will be a sewing day for me!!!!

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