Monday, April 22, 2013

The bags that broke my hand

Dear folks,

I finally did it. I hurt myself sewing. I've always been accident prone and often find myself stumbling from one accident to another. It became such a part of me that I don't even try extra hard to be careful. The only exception I made was for my right hand as I am right handed. When my kids or hubs wrestle with me, I would shout out, "my sewing hand!" I take care of my right hand like it's made of glass.

Unfortunately I forgot about my left hand. On Saturday I was on a roll and worked like a nut on my bags. I cut up a lot of fabric pieces, interfaced them, all ready to be sewn up.

These are the two items I completed. I hope they sell because they kinda "broke" my left hand. Yes, yes, I know I'm exaggerating. My hand is not broken. It just hurts when I bend my wrist or turn it in a particular angle. So kinda sore and inflamed.

The polka dot fabric I used is made of linen cotton and it's quite thick. The problem arises when I make handles. I need the handles to be as thin as possible in order not to add to the bulk. The only way out is to create a fabric tube which requires turning the fabric right side out. Which is not easy to do with thick fabric. Struggling with the fabric turning is probably what injured my left hand.

Using this polka dot fabric for the crescent bag is also not a good judgement call as linen creases like crazy especially around curves so you can see the little creases all over the zipper area. It's going to be hard to sell the crescent bag, I think.

On the other hand, the polka dot fabric really worked on the little zip bag. Isn't it super cute?

It turned out my left hand is used quite a lot. Now I find I can't do the following:

- scratch my butt
- put on my clothes
- floss
- butter my bread
- do anything requiring two hands

I have to stop sewing for a few days. I'm just glad I already have a reasonable amount of stock for my 4th/5th May craft market. Meanwhile I shall practice using my toes as my third hand. And I must take better care of my body parts. For a start, I shall make sure I have good posture when I sit.

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SIL said...

Where is your next craft market?

marym said...

Jane! Instead of turning a tube of thicker fabric, why don't you just 1)fold under the edge of each long side 2) fold both to the middle 3) topstitch. I think the result would be hard to distinguish from your method.

I hope your hand heals quickly!
Mary in Rome, NY

jane p said...

I would use the method you recommended except for the crescent bag, I'm already sewing through a thick layer which is why I use the fabric tube method. But thank you for the suggestion.

Fran said...

Ouch! Hope it feels better soon. I once sewed through my left index finger at my first attempt at making piping, I bought a stiletto after that experience & now my hand stays right away from the sewing machine needle.

Suzee said...

Jane Jane I hope you are feeling better! I am trying to catch up on blog reading!!! I posted you a comment from my phone and I hit the wrong freaking button and it deleted it lol
BUT anyways.. I LOVE THE BAGS! of course. and I been waiting on a boxy one like this one of yours. =0)

Tammy said...

Jane!!! oh no! This is almost a disaster. I hope you heal up quickly.

Linda said...

I know exactly what you're going through! I've done exactly the same thing. Since I'm catching up and this post is not a new one, I'll bet it's already feeling okay.
Have you tried using a pair of long hemostats to turn your handles? I bought a cheap pair (sold in a shop called Freight Harbor. they are online, too.). They look a little like scissors, but the tip clamps and locks onto the fabric at the end of the tube (in this case) and then you just pull it through.

Linda said...

I found a tutorial showing how to use hemostats to turn narrow tubes.

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