Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easy Sling Bag Pattern


I have a new bag pattern. It's my Easy Sling Bag Pattern.

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Since last year, I have been working on and off on this pattern. In a way, you could say my craft market customers helped me decide on the size of this bag. I made a few variations and put them up for sale at VivoCity where I have my craft market booth. Originally I wanted it much smaller but majority of customers preferred it bigger yet not too big. After a few rounds of alterations and based on customers' response, I was able to settle on a "perfect size". To be really honest with you, I love this size. I wished I had the ability to know right away what's a popular size and what's not. Luckily I have my customers to help me out!

This bag pattern is targeted at beginners so I made sure there aren't too many challenging sharp curves or difficult to achieve sewing conditions.

I made a few bags to show you the variety of looks you can achieve with this pattern. But first, lets talk about one of the features of the bag - the ring. This is a one-ring wonder as I like to call my bags which use a wooden or metal ring to tie one end of the sling. In order to make this bag, you need to be able to purchase a wooden/metal ring. As long as the ring will not break and it's not too heavy, it'll work.

My tutorial covers a patchwork flap. It's really quite easy to put together. Some people might not want to make the patchwork flap.

No problem.

Make the whole bag using the same exterior fabric. Like this blue/black polka dot version I made a few days ago. Do you like the Lecien polka dot? I only have 1.5 yard of this. So sad.

Oh, where were we?

Yes, you can also use a contrasting fabric for the flap. Whatever suits you. If I recall correctly, the striped fabric is a Riley Blake.

This easy sling bag is suitable for girls as well as women. My girl who's 14 and like super cool, asked for the polka dot sling bag. She rarely asks for any of my handmade bag so that's saying a lot.

I have listed this pattern for sale at Etsy here. Do take note that all my patterns at Etsy are now instant download. Previously, I send every pattern via email.  With instant download, what happens is right after payment, you get an Etsy email with the download link. You could also look in your Etsy purchase page for the link. The only thing you need to remember is that you must be logged in to Etsy in order to do the download.

This pattern is also available at Craftsy.

Enough self-promotion. Now I'd like to take a moment to mention my tester, Suzee of Applehead Threads for testing this bag for me. Want to see what she made?

Thank you Suzee. I couldn't have done it without your help. Okay, everyone, now go and make me $8 richer. Buy my pattern. Pleassse!



Suzee said...

Thank you Jane for letting me test your patterns! This bag was so easy to sew together! All your patterns are easy to follow and understand and even a beginner sewer can get through one of your more advanced patterns easily I would think! You are very detailed in your instructions!!
I was so hoping to use a wooden ring! I can find them anywhere near me.. I will have to go to Indianapolis which is about a hour to look there! its crazy I use to see these all the time! lol I do want to make more of these bags! This one I used to go to town the other day and it fit all my necessary items and still felt light on me..
Good luck in selling this pattern and love the fact you have instant download now!=0)

marym said...

Hi Jane! I searched at Amazon for wood rings and found this package: http://www.amazon.com/2-Cabone-Rings-5-Pack-Wood/dp/B00281QCUG/. It's a 50mm(2inch) diameter wood ring. Is that the right size for your bag? And did you make all those bags since your last post?! Great job! --Mary in Rome, NY, USA

jane p said...

Hi Marym,

Yes they are the right size. I've seen bamboo ones as well. The key is the weight and it won't break.

I made the patchwork bag for the pattern in March. Three were made in between Candy Crush games. Since I killed my Candy Crush, I have made a grand total of 2 bags and today I'll probably make like 3 more items. (all cut out already!)


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