Friday, April 26, 2013

Friday Ketchup No. 5

This week went by super fast again.

I sewed nothing even though my hand got better. I did practice my drawing though. Mostly on photoshop elements. I had this idea of showing one drawing per week but it's weird to just randomly show a drawing. Oh, I find that as I grow older, I'm not as good at picking up software. Thank goodness I gave birth to a daughter who grew up to love photoshop and learns intuitively. Now if I need help, I just call out, "Girl, what happened to the colour palette?" or "Girl, my image disappeared!" and she runs over and rescues me.

We saw Iron Man 3. I got super pissed that the 3D glasses we had to pay $2 for were for tiny heads. Stupid Cathay Cinema! And I have a freakishly large head. And I wear glasses. So I had to wear my larger glasses over the tiny 3D glasses. Which made it very uncomfortable. Finally I perched the tiny 3D glasses over my glasses and managed to watch the movie this way even though it made me arch my neck. I need to get my own personal 3D glasses. Seriously. The movie is quite entertaining. Of course my girl found it waaay more entertaining because she's so into it. At the end of the movie, she made us sit through the credits just to see if there was any bonus clips. Yes, there was!

Managed to go to the swimming pool again. Thing is, I couldn't find my goggles from the last swim. Searched everywhere. So I took a chance and went to the lost & found at the pool hoping someone had found my goggles. The crew showed me a pair of goggles and it looked like my goggles but hubs said it wasn't mine. So I had to buy a new pair at the sports shop next to the pool which cost a fortune. Later when we were home, hubs looked up at the kitchen ceiling and found my other pair of goggles hung up high. I guess I wanted a SAFE PLACE. So now I have two goggles! Why are SAFE PLACES always so forgettable? Oh, we managed to get the wave pool and seriously folks, I got knocked down by one big wave and immediately hurt my right elbow. I really thought it was the end for me but false alarm. Just a small bruise. Oh, I saw a bunch of preschool kids learning to swim at the pool and why are preschoolers in swimming costumes learning to swim so darn cute?

These two zip pouches were made last week, I think. I haven't made these kind of zip pouches for a very long time. It's really nice to re-visit old designs once in a while. Next week is my vivocity craft market. Okay, I'm supposed to refer to it as Path market at Vivocity from now on. I don't have a whole lot of stock for the market but it's okay. I'm not going to stress over it. This weekend I hope to make a couple more items. Have a great weekend folks!


Linda said...

Your zipper pouches are so cute. I love the fabric on the right!

Little Blue Mouse said...

I'm trying to imagine your kitchen ceiling. Do you have hooks on it or what?

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