Sunday, August 28, 2011

And the winner is...

Hi all,

I saw on TV the might of Hurricane Irene and I hope everyone in the affected areas is safe. I feel lucky to live in Singapore. All we get are heat and humidity and that's nothing really.

Singapore's Presidential Election is over. The 4-horse race turned out to be a 2-horse race. 1 candidate lost his $48k deposit as he only received 4% of the votes. Poor guy. I won $100 betting on him losing his deposit. Yes, it's awful making money off somebody else's loss. But the poor chap didn't stand a chance. He had a poor image (loose canon) and even worse enunciation. Why didn't his supporters tell him?

In the end, the race was between 2 former ruling party members - one a heavy weight former cabinet member while the other was a member of parliament. So you could say, Singaporeans generally voted in a conservative manner. Based on the voting pattern in the recent 2 elections, it's clear to me Singaporeans prefer not to rock the boat.

These 2 Tans ran neck and neck till the final count. The winner, Tony Tan won by 7,269 votes which is a margin of only 0.3%. But no matter how narrow the margin is, the election is over and life as we know it will carry on.

Now for something I'm more familiar with - sewing. Another Houses something-something.

Originally, I wanted to make another card holder cover. When I made the previous card holder, I had scribbled down the cutting measurements on a scrap paper. Unfortunately, my handwriting was messy and I misread the numbers. So it turned out to be too small for a card holder.

I decided it would look good as a needlebook.

And as a "bonus" this needlebook comes with 2 side pockets. I've been working on a few curvy sexy zip bags. Come back and check them out in my next post. See ya.


Little Blue Mouse said...

Yeh, I had my money on a Tan winning!

Bethany said...

Hahaha - you bet that he would lose miserably. Love it!
We're very wet here in Philadelphia today, but none the worse for wear.

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