Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Grey roses

Hi lovely people,

Hope your week is going well. Miss me? Sewing-wise, things are going a-slowly. I wish I can sew faster but I'm really, really slow. And I like to do a lot of other stuff in-between my sewing. Like watching TV, listening to music, snoozing, drinking tea and thinking about the bags I want to make.

I fear I have become quite smitten with this Ikea grey roses fabric. So far I've made two bags with the fabric and there are two more in progress.

I made 2 familiar looking bags. Yes, I made similar ones a couple of weeks ago. I'm just tinkering with the size.

I made this 1" smaller this time round with longer handle. I'm guessing anyone who buys this bag is likely to wear it crossbody.

Of the two, I'm loving this one more. I made it 1" wider. I do believe I nailed the size for this one.

I'm so loving this bag. If it doesn't sell, it's going to moi.

Today my son came home with food he had cooked in school. This is his 2nd year learning to cook. Usually when he tells me he brought food home, I get a little scared because it means he wants me to eat it. I still remember the healthy salad he brought home last year. My stomach still turns thinking about it. If the food turns out good, he's likely to gobble it all up in school. This year there was the healthy burger which Dad had to eat because I wanted to live. And while chewing, Dad kept saying to son: This is how much I love you.

Like I said, I wanted to live. So back to today. I sniffed at the fish nugget and it didn't smell too bad. I tried some and would you believe it? It's absolutely delicious. I ate all of it. I hope he'll make some at home.

Nothing much is happening in Singapore. I'm kidding! This week is campaign week for the presidential hopefuls. Me and hubs have this deal where I get to choose who becomes our President while he chooses the curtain. It's a fair deal as I don't care what our curtain looks like while he does. See you in a couple of days.


Bethany said...

That gray rose fabric is pretty! I'm going to have to find an Ikea around here and see if they have fabric. There has to be one somewhere, right? I've just never come across one in the city.
And "I didn't eat it because I wanted to live" - hahaha! That's how I feel about my own cooking, sadly.

Little Blue Mouse said...

A curtain for your home or is this curtain something to do with the election?

Chris H said...

I like the grey bags.
A curtain? for where???

MiniBinoy said...

Jane i jus luv ur ikea grey rose fabric.. the bag luks so stylish and functional!pls pay a visit to my blog when you get time..

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