Friday, August 12, 2011

Night at the museum

MAAD is holding for the very first time, a night at the museum. Details in the pic. And yes ma'am. I'll be there selling my stuff. Lots of new sellers I've never heard of. The usual regular sellers will be there too. A few musicians will be there too. Remind me not to get a table too close to the speakers. And there might be ice-cream. Will have to check that out for sure. Hope it's real ice-cream and not the other kind.

I'm not too sure about the attire. But I'll stick to my tees and jeans. You can come in your pyjamas if you like. I'm kidding. You may not come in your pyjamas. And bring CASH. I don't want anyone asking me where the nearest ATM is. It's very far away.

Just a few items I spat out this week.

I made 2 of these sling bags. The first one customised for my wallet-size. If it doesn't sell, it goes to MOI.

More iPhone zip pouches! I'm feeling confident the ePattern for these babies will be up for sale by end August.

And my new favourite thing - coin pouches using fabric remnants. Check back to see how my night at the museum went.


Little Blue Mouse said...

The fabric you used for the bag is fabulous!

Bethany said...

I love your iPhone zip pouches!!
And I must ask - just what in the hell is the "other kind" of ice cream????

Chris H said...

I like what you 'spat out' this week!
Good luck at MAAD.

punkychewster said...

how was the fair?? hope you had major sales!!

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