Friday, August 19, 2011

If I were a coaster

Dear readers,

Thanks to those of you who gave me suggestions on what to turn my not-a-coaster into. I've turned it into a coin pouch. Some hand sewing was required. Ouchy.

As a "reward" for your effort, here's a little ditty for you. (inspired by if i were a boy) It has no tune and no rhyme. Just rambling from a delirious mind.

If I were a coaster

If I were a coaster
I would sit on the table all day
and wait for a cup of coffee
or a glass of juice
to sit on me

I would chase after stains
and I'd never let any water ring stay

If I were a coaster
I would get wet and dirty

But I am not a coaster
I am a very pretty coin pouch
With a zipper and a ring clip
And coins to keep me company
all day

So I don't have a clue
How you sit all day on the table
Every day it's the same

I would go crazy honest
never able to go out
Meet up with other pouches
Instead, just waiting for Jane to come home

I'm sorry
It's a little too late for me to be a coaster
I have been zippered up
And the coins are in my tum-tum


Kandi said...

You crazy lady I love it!
Kandi x

Gingini said...

Jane I love you!
You made me laugh out loud!

Little Blue Mouse said...

Ha ha, that's great!

Bethany said...

It's official. You're a lunatic. :)

Miranda said...

So cute!

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