Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Excuse me, what is your surname?

Today is Nomination Day for Singapore's Presidential Election which is set for August 27. It is official. The four men granted their Certificate of Eligibility are running for President.

What do these four candidates have in common?
1. They are men.
2. They are short.
3. They are above 55 years old.
4. They do not agree on the role of the president.
5. They have the same surname - Tan.(read Ton and not suntan)

According to wiki, Tan is the most popular surname in Singapore. Everyone here knows at least one Tan. Many of my former teachers were Tans. Let's see, Miss Tan, Miss Tan, Mdm Tan and Mr Tan.

I don't have a common surname. Poh is not exactly a rare surname but it's not common enough that whenever a criminal has the surname Poh, I would take an interest to see if I'm related to the criminal. Thankfully, so far I've not spotted any relative.

In the past when I was working, joining a new organisation often means having one or two folks come up to me and say excitedly, "Eh, I'm also a Poh!" This often happens during Orientation Day. Once, this guy after finding out I am a Poh, asked me where my family lived. I described the village I lived when I was a kid and he got so excited as he grew up in a neighbouring village. He acted like we were long lost kin. And we could be. In the old days, folks from the same clan tend to live in the same cluster. I mean, when I was a kid, it didn't surprise me that majority of the folks in my village had the same surname as me. In fact, I thought Poh was a common surname.

So, what is a popular surname in your country? I've heard of Smith, Kim and Park.

Yesterday I made a card holder cover to keep all my discount and reward cards. I have so many of these cards that it's impossible to put them in my wallet.

I have these plastic sleeves which hold the cards. Really convenient. Now I can stop digging in my bag for the cards.

I made this round coaster thing without any plan whatsoever. But I don't want it to be a coaster. I wonder what I'll do with it. Another UFO? (unfinished object)

See you soon.


Linda said...

There are many common surnames in the states, but it depends on the area you live in - much like your names in villages. Around south Texas, where I live, the most common surname is Garcia, which reflects the high percentage of people of Hispanic origin in this area.

Linda said...

By the way, your little coaster thing has such pretty fabric. Perfect for a child! How about putting a back on it and a handle and making it a little purse for a little girl - just big enough to hold a few coins?

Bethany said...

I love the fabric on your not-a-coaster! I need one of those card organizers--I swear more than half my wallet is those cards!

Miranda said...

I live in Minnesota, we have Peterson, Johnson, Anderson, Nelson, Olson.. Lots of "sons", I didn't realize that when I was typing them up. I can't really think of any more. I was thinking you could make your "round coaster thing" into a little pouch by folding it in half and putting a zipper in it.

synnove75 said...

The most common surname here in Norway are Jensen, with Hansen close behind.
Your coaster looks like a mousepad for the computer to me:-)

Janet Chin said...

I have the same Chinese surname as the future Mr.President.haha,but I know we are not related.Just that I'm a Hakka,so it's "Chin".

Back in my primary school days,out of 30 students,about 10 is either Tan or Chin.

Btw,I like the card holder cover.

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