Monday, August 1, 2011

Singapore HeritageFest finale craft market at velocity@novena square post-mortem

Hello folks,

How was your weekend? Mine was long as I was selling my bags at velocity@novena square. It's been a while since I went out to sell and I had almost forgotten what it was like - sitting, standing for hours.

It started with this empty booth. I like that it's white. (My dream home is white) My booth was located in a passageway between shops. Honestly, it's not a bad location. There was plenty of traffic. It's just a matter of attracting the passer-bys to stop and buy your product.

Four of us shared this little booth. I'm guilty of taking up the most space! This is Friday's display. I got more creative each day in my display.

This is PeriwinkleSu doing a demo of her craft. She stitches by hand. She's also a nurse. She's the first nurse I know. I feel safe next to her.

Say Cheese! Cheese makes beaded dolls and accessories. I'm of course excited to know a beader because I'm a beginner beader myself.

I have no idea who this person is. Just kidding.... She is Ayako Suda. This is how she wants me to remember her. She makes/sells perfumes as well as big scary rings and, I mean, big gorgeous rings and earrings. She is the first Japanese woman I know. Contrary to stereotype, she does not bow as much.

This was me on Sunday. I did not look good on Sunday. There has been a series of religious burning of paper offering where I lived and my sinus acted up. The upper part of my face puffed up. I almost couldn't open my eyes. Plus I hadn't had much sleep. Oh yes, I had a hair cut recently. I no longer look like a homeless person. I asked for a no-need-to-comb-hair look and I got exactly that.

I wanted a group photo of the four of us but forgot. Anyhoo, just want to let you know I'm the tallest.

I was quite surprised that the traffic on Friday was so fantastic. I made the most sales on Friday. Maybe it was because me mom came to help me? I'm rather surprised by her ability to sell my stuff. She's amazing. And she put on her best halting-English speaking voice. Me thinks we should team up and go sell some bungalows.

A VIP came to visit our booth. He is Minister for Information, Communications and the Arts, Dr Yaacob Ibrahim. He's examining my pouch for raw seams. (Just kidding)

In case you're wondering, this was the pouch he was examining.

At this point, satisfied that all raw seams were hidden, he asked PeriwinkleSu who made the pouch and that's when Su introduced me. Ahem.

I must admit I was really excited. On the one hand, I was busy taking pics. On the other hand, I was wondering in my head if he wanted to buy the pouch. And should I offer him a discount? And how much discount to offer? hahaha. I really don't get out much. Anyhoo, I shook his hand and introduced myself. Alamak. I couldn't take a pic of myself shaking hands. I gave him my name card and told him I was on Facebook. And I'm still waiting for him to LIKE my page. In the excitement, I forgot if he told me my pouch is GORGEOUS or not. Hmmm, let's just say he did.

Overall, I had a really nice time with bits of excitement thrown in. Plus, I got to spend time with Su, Ayako and Cheese. Many, many people I know came to support me and I am blown away. My huge family, my 2 muskeeters, my friends from MAAD, my customers from MAAD and my son's kindy friend's mom. Thank you everyone. You made my weekend. See you.


Bethany said...

I'm looking for the picture of you giving the peace sign but I don't see it :)
"No need to comb" hair - I want me some of that.

Chris H said...

Sounds like you had a really lovely weekend!
How were your sales?
Good? Or just so-so?

punkychewster said...

ahahhah! you're so funny la! and your mom is so cute! u two should try tag-team selling bungalows for a hobby, and make crafting your serious full time business!

anyway, that sounded like a fun weekend! i still haven't ventured out to sell.. i'm hiding behind my computer screen trying to sell in the virtual world (not really working leh!) but i've put in an application for a craft fair in october. hopefully i get selected.

keep posting! i love reading your entries!!


Unknown said...

que tengais suerte!

*Tea said...

what an exiting visit! oh, i doubt any of our German ministers would come to see a crafts fair....
can´t imagine how you managed to share the table with four, but you did! haha... great to hear you had a lovely weekend with wonderful people around you :D

antmee said...

Sounds like a great weekend (except for the sinus thingy) surrounded by a lot of wonderful people!

PS love your lipstick colour!

Little Blue Mouse said...

Great post!

It's been noted that you were the tallest!

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