Tuesday, July 26, 2011

My next craft market

Dear people,

Today I was like a demented person having conversations with the sun. Or rather the sky as the sun was playing hide-and-seek with me. It became quite clear to me that the sun was having fun with me. It would appear when I was doing other stuff and just when I whip out my camera it would disappear. Am I losing my mind?

I haven't been this productive for a while! I have abandoned all my duties as a housewife to sew two more bags. I love feeling the sewer's high. Nothing else mattered. My brain is just 100% centered on bag-making. It's quite scary to be around me when I get this way. I'm there but oh, so far away.

So why am I making so many bags all of a sudden? I think I told you that I'll be selling my bags at a craft market in Singapore. That's happening this week from Friday to Sunday.

Details here:

Friday, 29th July from 10am to 9pm
Saturday, 30th July from 10am to 8pm
Sunday, 31st July from 10am to 7pm
Venue: Novena Square (Velocity), ground floor

This event is in conjunction with The Singapore HeritageFest and this is the finale of the festival. There will be cultural performances and roving performers. I will be sharing a space with PeriwinkleSu and she will be doing live demo of her crafts. If you are in Singapore, I hope you will come by and say hello.

Here are pics of my 2 bags - whatever the sun "allowed" me to take.

This bag is similar to the one I posted on Monday. It's just wider. A lot wider. Perhaps too wide? I wanted this to be a large bag because I was thinking if it doesn't sell, I'll gift it to myself. The fabric is also from Ikea.

Haha. I couldn't help myself. I made another same-same bag with the butterfly fabric. This one's closer to the one I posted on Monday. I varied the angle of the side seams. Oh, I think some of you are on to me now. I'm really trying to get the perfect size and shape. I think I'm not quite there yet. I believe 1/5 bigger will do the trick. But the 80 deg angle cut for the side seams is just perfect, in my opinion.

Do you know I haven't gone out to sell my bags since March this year? I've almost forgotten what I have to bring. My gear are scattered all over my home. I feel so haphazard. To be honest, being physically at the venue is always the hardest part of the selling process. It's a new place. I don't know where the toilet is. I don't know where I can buy my tea and food. It's 3 days of very long hours. I remember how hard it is to kill time. The worst part is the bag critics. I hope none feel the urge to come up to me to "educate" me. Peace out.


hannelore_cossins said...

Lovely bags, particularly like the top one, it looks big enough to take all the stuff around that I usually end up with! Hope it has a phone pocket though other wise you'll never find it!

Chris H said...

It will be good to have a stall 'partner' so you can get to the toilet etc ... and have someone to yak too.
It is hard to listen to people 'critique' your bags... hopefully no one feels the need.
I hope you have a wonderfully profitable weekend.

tamdoll said...

I love the fabrics you choose for your bags!!! Great idea to make a bag that you'll like "just in case"... I've made bags that don't sell, but... I don't want them either - from here on I will just have to make every bag so that I love it and would want to keep it!

Good luck with the sale!

Janet said...

Hi Jane,

No worry about killing time,I'll drop by on Sat to say "HI"!


Lynda said...

LOVE that first bag!!!!

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