Friday, July 22, 2011

I have wristlets coming out of my ears

Hello my friends,

I sweated through another week. Actually I drank through another week. Cartons and cartons of cranberry juice which me hubs is constantly stocking the fridge with. It seems when I get really hot and humid, the only drink that will quench my thirst is cranberry juice. This heat is proving to be very expensive for me.

Hey, Singapore was spotted again. I'm sure you've read about the phone hacking scandal involving the News of the World. At the parliamentary hearing, Rupert Murdoch said:

Singapore is the most open and clear society in the world...where every minister gets at least a million dollar a year....and there is no temptation...and it's the cleanest society you'll find anywhere.
Let me just say this. As a Singaporean, I've never felt more embarrassed. I wanted to dig a hole and bury myself in it. We are certainly not the most open and clear society in the world. And that million dollar paycheck? People resent it. I think Mr M doesn't know this but the million dollar salary is being reviewed in response to public unhappiness as I write. Tik tok.

This week I made 8 wristlets. I wasn't feeling particularly creative. How could I? It's too hot to even think. I went thru' my archives and came up with familiar applique and embroidery.

Remember my big ole flower? This one's on very stiff denim. I must remember never to buy this denim. It's too stiff for my liking.

Ah, the rabbit returns!

And so does the butterfly.

3 hearts. How many ways can you place hearts?

Right. The heart balloons again.

I kinda like tulips now.

Flower flower.

Houses embroidery is still my favourite thing to do.

I'll be selling these wristlets next weekend at a craft show. Tell you guys more later. See you soon.


Sarah@PingsAndNeedles said...

I love the embroidered houses best too Jane.

I've been meaning to leave a comment for ages ... your post combining the big wheel vomit episode with shots of a fab meal really made me laugh .. and hungry ... all kinds of wrong !

Cranberry good for the bladder, so at least it's doing some good on the way through! :)

Linda said...

The little wristlets are adorable!
Every country has its problems. None are perfect because people aren't perfect.

Jos said...

The houses are my favorite as well!

Relished Artistry said...

First off, cranberry juice is awesome. Yum!!

Second, Mr. Murdoch will never realize money isn't everything. In his world it is. I guess that means the rest of us are going to have to move forward on the human evolutionary scale without him. Big loss.

Third, good grief are you a machine?! 8 wristlets with all that hand embroidery? You must sew like the wind!!

They're beautiful, Jane!! Well done! Each of them has their own personality and charm--honestly they're so cute !! I must consider some variation on these for my own left over fabric--they don't look like they use up too much, and they're just adorable. Awe. Some. : )

Chris H said...

Your little pouches are gorgeous.. I love the wee houses one too.
Good luck selling them.

Anonymous said...

I'm interested in purchasing one of the denim flower wristlets...can you tell me the price, the shipping, and the measurements...? you can contact me at

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