Thursday, July 7, 2011

faster than the speed of light not!

Dear readers,

Ever since my home was wired for fibre optic transmission, we had been excited to upgrade our broadband to the speed of light.

Anyone still using dial-up? My dear, this is the 21st century. Write to your member of parliament, or mayor or town leader. I dunno. Who do you call when your internet access is one century behind?

My apologies. Please don't mind me. I'm just feeling very smug because we have 100mbps! Getting hooked up to 100mbps was not as easy as I thought.

First 3 very old guys came to connect the cables. My home is one of those really odd flats which has all the wiring hidden inside the ceiling. It's called concealed wiring. It's not a good thing. Contractors hate to do anything related to wiring in my home. As you can see from the image above, the fibre optic cables couldn't be concealed as that would require removal of my ceiling. Ah, the price you pay for the speed of light. Luckily, we are quite messy people. So the plastic thingy running all over my home doesn't really bother us.

This is the magic black box aka modem. There is another box but it's at the other end of the room. With our new plan, we get free subscription for the residential phone. The catch? We have to convert from our analog phone line to a digital phone line. We went for it. The catch? The power to the magic boxes must be ON all the time. In the event of a power failure, we have to reset the phone line. This we discovered by accident. Which is a little tedious. Which we weren't told beforehand. Dem you Singtel!

Then we became obsessed with testing the internet connection. Much to our dismay, it fluctuates. That means, we don't get 100mbps all the time. Sometimes we get 40, 50, 60. In fact, we've never ever gotten 100. And we're paying for 100mbps. Oh wait, it says maximum speed is 100mbps. Dem you Singtel!

You know what happens when you get a giant monitor followed by 2 monitors, followed by 100mbps? You want a faster computer.

Right. Looks like a new CPU is on our To Purchase list. This family's Great Singapore Sale budget is seriously busted.

Looks like I'm back to making iPhone zip pouches with my skulls fabric. Well, these are for my next ePattern - iPhone 4 zip pouches. And I've given it a lot of thought. Putting these on the cover of my ePattern will surely scare customers away!

See for yourself. I took this photo when it got dark and look how creepy the pouches look.

See you real soon.


jean said...

hi Jane,

thanks for the heads up regards to the fiber optic.. we are waiting for our turn.. hopefully the speed be ok...

the skull iphone pouch does looked scary to me... but the pattern itself is nice :)

Linda said...

Those of us in the states take our easy access to technology for granted. It would be a shock to have to do with less than what we're used to. (Actually, when we moved from the big city to the country, we had to give up quite a bit of speed in our internet service. That has been difficult.)I'm glad you've been able to upgrade!!!

Chris said...

I love the pouches :)

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