Friday, July 15, 2011

wheel in the sky and it didn't rain

Hey folks,

Last weekend we celebrated me mom's birthday at a restaurant at The Singapore Flyer. The Flyer is like a big observation wheel in the sky. It has huge capsules for passengers and each ride is 30 min. I was right below the wheel and there was no way I could take a photo of the entire wheel. It is huge.

Do you have such a structure in your country?

Something interesting about The Flyer. In 2008 when it opened, the wheel revolved facing the business district and went down overlooking the sea. Feng Shui masters said The Flyer was going against the sun (west to east) and taking fortune away from Singapore. The Flyer was convinced and the rotation was changed. Funnily, a few months later, there was a fire. (a component failure) As a result, 173 people were trapped in the wheel for 7 hours. The Flyer did not blame the fire on the change in rotation.

You know what I think? Feng Shui masters have the best jobs in the world!

We didn't take a ride on the wheel because it would have cost the four of us $109.15. So we decided to use our imagination instead.

Being here at the big wheel in the sky brought back some memories - which I've tried hard to suppress.

Many, many years ago, me and BFF went to Perth, Australia on our first trip. In those days, my height phobia was dormant and we took a ride in a ferris wheel. I had never been in a ferris wheel before and it was wild. This one didn't just rotate - the cage we were in would flip upside down as well. Let me tell you, it was pretty scary. I screamed my lungs out. Although it was a lot of thrills, I was quite grateful to finally reach the end of the ride.

BFF went straight to the restroom and I followed her. She was like washing her face, arms, like crazy. It puzzled me. I mentioned casually that it was odd that when we were at the highest point of the wheel, it started to rain. And the rain stopped on the way down.

BFF looked at me and said with a straight face:
It didn't rain.

I was sure it rained. I said:
I felt raindrops all over me.

BFF looked at me again with a straight face:
Jane, I vomited.

It took me a few seconds to fully comprehend. I made the entire tour bus wait for me while I washed my face, my hair, my arms, my legs. Basically every exposed part of my body.

That's my little neph and me bro. The track is a F1 track.

The birthday girl. She likes to say that she's younger than Lee Kuan Yew. (father of Singapore)

Our dinner was at a seafood restaurant. I won't show you every dish. Just the ones I liked.

Birthday buns.

The sticky paste inside the bun makes it taste good. I had 2!

The appertizer from left to right: jellyfish, duck and deep fried silverfish. I love the deep fried silverfish. It's very unhealthy.

This is the most awesome roasted chicken I've ever tasted.

Asparagus with deep fried mushrooms. I didn't taste the mushrooms but it was good.

The spice in this fish dish was so fantastic but soooo spicy. Tears came to my eyes but it was worth it.

Our handsome waiter. Seafood restaurants have the best waiters. Maybe he wasn't a waiter. He's so well-dressed.

Would you believe this is prawns? The green one is wasabi. Tasted weird but good. Seafood restaurants have the best cooks.

Chilli crab. If you come to Singapore, you must eat chilli crab. Be prepared to go to the restroom afterwards though.

Pepper crab. I'm not a fan of pepper but my kids LOVE pepper so they really like this dish. My kids love pepper so much that watching them pour pepper in their soup is like performance art.

Leftovers. I left the restaurant with THREE of these bags. For 3 days this week, we ate nothing but leftovers.

See ya soon.


Bethany said...

Wasn't she going to tell you or was she waiting for you to ask? I laughed was gross...but funny. Hopefully you didn't wash off with Newater ;)

Little Blue Mouse said...

I too had to laugh at your ferris wheel story. Of course you wouldn't have heard her vommiting because your were screaming so much!

The food looks delicious.

Miranda said...

Wow, I don't know if we have a thing like The Flyer here. I know we have ferris wheels and space needle things. That is a ton of food!! Your posts always make me laugh :)

punkychewster said...

gross! but very funny story! hahahaha

i haven't been on the flyer yet, and i agree, it's super pricey!!!

and look at those food pictures!! i miss food in singapore!!!!! i made a list of things i want to eat when i come home! durians included!

tamdoll said...

Jane, I wouldn't have gone in that wheel if it was free!!! At first, when I read about it, I thought "They ate dinner in the Flyer?"

I've been on a non-turning-upside-down type of Ferris wheel and, if I never have to go in anything high again, I wouldn't miss it. Instead of throwing up or screaming, I usually just sit with my eyes shut tight reminding myself to breathe. Thank goodness that I have one child that won't go on rides, so I always have an excuse to stay on the ground!

Chris H said...

We don't have those huge wheels here in New Zealand, but I have been on one in Australia.
Ewwww to being vomitted on!

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