Tuesday, July 12, 2011

kandipandi is on projects by jane's wall of fame

Hello dear folks,

I hope the weather is killing you too. It's insanely hot here as usual.

Today another blogger is on my wall of fame. Yay! She is Kandipandi. (why do I keep wanting to say "kandipandi sitting on a tree"?)

I can't remember how I first came across her blog. But I must have followed her blog because suddenly her posts appeared on my reader. I really wish I can remember!

This much I know: she lives in the UK. She's a mom, she works (I mean really work), she crafts and has a folksy shop. And she does all these in the same number of hours that you and I have.

Anyhoo, Kandi bought my Perfect size reversible lunchtime pouch ePattern and here's what she made.

She used the pink flowers fabric for the exterior.

But matched the bottom with the interior "cursive handwriting" fabric.

This is the lining but it's reversible so whatever suits your mood.

I think the overall effect is soft and pretty. What do you think?


Bethany said...

The weather IS killing me, lol.
I love her blog - her pouches were so pretty! And reminded me that I need to get your pattern because I've always loved those pouches...

Little Blue Mouse said...

I love it!

tamdoll said...

That is a nice combination of fabrics!

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