Tuesday, July 19, 2011

hello i am a fabric designer groupie

Hi there,

Another super hot day in Singapore. I hide at home all day yet I swear I'm getting a sun tan. My sewing area faces the afternoon sun. Darn it. Why couldn't I think forward when I selected my flat?

I had a small amount of Heather Bailey fabric and anytime I get left alone with pretty fabric and a bit of drawstring, I end up with drawstring bags! I feel like there's something wrong with the images I took today. The sun was so bright everything shimmered.

I think it's quite clear I love fabric. What you don't know is how I love to read blogs by fabric designers. It's always interesting to see what they make. Don't you ever wonder what the person who designs the fabric you buy would make? What? It's just me?

Here's a list of some of the fabric designers I read. Click on the links and see if you're surprised by who makes what?

hello my name is heather

the drawing board

anna maria horner

joel dewberry

making it fun

ann kelle

comfort stitching


punkychewster said...

oh thanks for including links to some fabric designers. i love anna maria horner too!

Chris H said...

If I ever get time I will check out those designers!
Love your wee bags...

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