Sunday, July 24, 2011

Everytime you go away

Hey readers,

I know some of you are bloggers and I wanna know. How do you react when a follower unfollows you? Do you take it personally? Do you cry?

Well, there's no use hiding this from you. Everytime anyone unfollows me at my blog or my facebook page, I go thru' the 5 stages of grief:

There must be some mistake. It's Blogger screwing around again.

Who was it?? Tell me! What? Am I boring you?

Oh, please come back. I'll stop telling my long grandfather stories. I swear. I'll do a giveaway. I'll give away fabric, cash, anything!

Oh, why do I even bother to blog. It's all for nothing. No one reads my blog anyway.

Oh well. Some one else will come along.

I have a bag to show you.

I made this bag in 2009. Since then I had altered the length and size to make different variations.

Yesterday I fooled around with the variation but retained the top half of the bag. I made the bag a lot smaller.

Remember the Ikea butterfly fabric I loved? It's in stock and I bought more. I love this fabric.

I'm thinking I might want to make another variation of this bag this week if I have the time. The hardest part of making the bag is the handle. See you soon.


Kandi said...

To be honest I genuinely don't care. I never check that, I don't even know how many followers I have, it's 300 and something. I started blogging as a bit of an online journal for the things I make, the followers and friends I have made through it are an added bonus. I think if I would keep on blogging if no one followed and no one commented.
Don't judge yourself by others reactions to you.
Kandi x

ZiaMaria said...

I like the new short version as well, love that fabric!

I tried a pattern very similar where the bag and handles were out of one piece of fabric, hated all of the fabric waste, is that how this one is made?

I have always known the stages of grief as Denial, Anger, Blame, Depression and Acceptance. So take the stance of blaming the person for not recognizing a good thing! Works for me!

Love your posts!

Sarah@PingsAndNeedles said...

oooh Jane I love this bag to bits, it's great!

Yeah, I think I go through the same thing if a follower buggers off ...

But then again, over time, I've dropped some blogs I followed too, just because of what I'm into ... so I'm better at handling it now than the first time it happened!

Little Blue Mouse said...

Well it's alright for you, you can afford to lose a follower or two when you've got hundreds!
I've only got 60 but when I had about 30, someone left. I was absolutely mortified! I tried going through the list to see who it was but I couldn't remember everyone.
It was like that game where you have a tray of objects and something is taken away and you have to remember what it was.

Chris H said...

I recently lost a follower on my blog AND facebook... it does upset me too.
And of course I go through all those stages too!

the bag is lovely, I like the shorter version.

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