Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Through the hairy years

Not long ago I saw Good Hair by Chris Rock and I was inspired to do my own hair post. I believe doing stuff to your hair is universal. Most women spend loads of time and money to make their hair look different from the hair they're born with. I speak from experience. I have naturally wavy hair. Most women would kill to have naturally wavy hair. Not me. I want naturally straight hair. Recently when I was at the hair salon, my hair stylist said, "All the curls - such a waste." I said, "Cut them off." without shedding a tear.

But in the eighties, I did not want straight hair. Yes, I had my hair permed. Come on! Everyone had her hair permed in the eighties. Even my second brother who cares so little about his appearance went for a perm. Unfortunately, he did not consult me before he walked into a hair salon and he came out with the tightest of curls. Poor thing. It took him months for his hair to grow out and to look Chinese again. I can still remember him staring at himself in the mirror asking, "How come?" The memory still makes me giggle uncontrollably.

The Eighties

I had big hair and  favoured the sun in those days. I was young then and knew not what I was doing. I think I must have told the hairstylist I wanted the Flashdance look - wild, uncombed and casual like I just woke up.

In the late 80's, I asked for a When Harry Met Sally look but ended up with the hooker look. My hair had so much mousse and hair spray you wouldn't believe it. I would not allow anyone to touch my hair.

The Nineties

When the 90's came, I discovered hair could be chemically straightened. That was a turning point in my life. I would never perm my hair again.

Chemically straightened hair becomes wavy again. It's just a matter of time.

Would you believe I had my hair straightened the day before my wedding? I was either out of my mind or so brave. I was going for the Cleopatra look but the hairstylist misunderstood and cut my hair too short.

The problem with chemically straightened hair? It destroyed the hair, stank and felt unnatural. Then I discovered hair relaxer. It basically did the same thing as a hair straightener but it caused less damage. Well, at least that's how the hairstylist sold it to me.

Yes, this is me with my hair relaxed at the hospital. If I look weird it's because I had just given birth to my girl! I'm wearing me hubs shirt.


Then I discovered hair could be rebonded. When hair is first rebonded, it looks stiff and unnatural but after a while, it starts to look more humanish. I had my hair rebonded once only. It caused a lot of my hair to fall out. Not happy about that.

Haha. I finally achieved my dream of long straight hair. It was sweet while it lasted.

Then I met my Cindy, a hair stylist who released me from all the hair chemicals in the world. She suggested that I get a hair cut that suits my natural hair wave. She became my hairstylist. From then on I had chemical-free hair. Another major turning point in my life.

2004. Here Cindy played it safe and gave me a everyday girl look.

2005. I persuaded Cindy to layer my hair. So daring!

2006. My demands for more layering was met. I think I became a layering addict.

2007. Fed up with all the requests for more and more layers, Cindy gave me the layering of my life.

2008. I was severely underweight here as I was suffering from myofascial pain and had very little appetite. Despite being ill, I still went to Cindy to maintain my locks. Here I have discovered leave-in conditioner. It kept my hair frozen but still chemical free.

2009. Comfort started to matter more to me and I kept my hair short as much as possible.


2010. I discovered hair could be coloured. Another turning point in my life. I was aiming for the Japanese look here.

2011. My last hair cut this month was not by Cindy. I had a totally new hairstylist. Sigh. This could mean the beginning of a very hair-traumatic life for me.


Bethany said...

I was waiting for the peace sign!!!!! :)

Miranda said...

Oh Jane you make me laugh. I feel like this year will be a good hair year for you :)

antmee said...

I laughed so much at your post that my daughter came over to see what was going on! She soon was laughing as well!

PS Your hair looked good in all the pics!

Chris H said...

LOL at all the differing styles. I quite like the one where you got some colour put in.

Why have you changed hairdressers?

tamdoll said...

Oh my gosh. I have done so many of the same things with my hair! I could never manage my wavy [not curly] hair, so I permed it through the 80's - the bigger the better. Then I got pregnant and stopped all chemicals, and dramatically cut it all off, straightening it often and wearing it as a bob. I think I permed it once after my kids were born... but then I discovered curl lotions and de-frizzers! I can actually like my hair now. Or at least accept that I don't have time in my day to fight it anymore.

Oh, and I dye it now, too. One day I looked up and it was all white on top, so even though I wanted to be chemical free... I'll save that for when I get more wrinkles and the hair can match my face.

Last week I tried "rag rolling" to get some nice curls - I do it at night and in the morning it's great. Saw a how-to online and it's been working well! I like that it's easy and no heat or anything to damage my hair. Only thing I look like a maniac with fabric strips hanging off of my head.

Thanks for sharing your hair saga! I know I'm not alone now the hair adventures.

Dee said...

LOL!! I just found your hair post. i love it. I am amazed at the co-incidence. I took photos of my new hair style this morning so I could blog it tomorrow - I finally did something I have long wanted to do. Now, with you inspiration I will see if I can find pic of the varying styles over the years.

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