Friday, February 5, 2010

February MAAD 2010 at Red Dot Design Museum This Weekend

I have absolutely no time to post anything. I'm running late. Arrrgh! I'll be at Red Dot Design Museum this weekend (6th and 7th Feb) from 11am to 7pm selling my bags. Drop by if you're in Singapore.


*Tea said...

I was always wondering what MAAD stands for?
Wish you many happy customers! :D

jane p said...

Hi *Tea, MAAD stands for Market of Artists And Designers.
You can only sell items you design/make yourself. No factory stuff. A place for singers/song writers to promote their "wares" thru small "concerts". (I get nervous when the rock bands come!) Artists gather to sketch portraits of customers for a small fee. Also, you can book a small area to teach your craft.

This event is housed at red dot design museum in Singapore. I believe there's one in your country too!

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