Thursday, February 25, 2010

Is This Day Good Or What?

Remember my  One World One Heart Giveaway? Seemed like a lifetime ago! I finally stopped procastinating and completed the passport cover prize for Jennifer, the winner. I must say I'm very happy with the result.
Here's a sneak peek at the finished product. It's ready to ship together with the mystery prize. More pics after Jennifer has received them.

Late last year, I told you guys about the first $50 I earned from Nuffnang for ads placed on this blog? Guess what? The cheque arrived today. I was so happy.
The envelope. I wonder what could be inside?

One dollar was deducted for handling fees. This cheque will go into my Retirement Fund.

Since 2010, the nuffnang ads campaigns placed on my blog have fizzled. I've had a total of 2 ad campaigns. So it's going to be a while longer before I have another cash-out. Nuffnang does not allow me to ask you, my dear readers to click on my ads. It's totally against the rules. So I'm not going to ask you to Click On My Ads.

Still on a money note,  Singapore Pools organises a $10million toto draw once a year after Chinese New Year. A fool and his money......Although my husband has predicted we will not win, I'm joining millions of folks here handing over our hard-earned money to the government for a chance to be too rich. The draw is this Friday. If I win the top prize, I will stop blogging. I'll be too busy spending it.


Chris H said...

LOL... I hope you do win! I would stop blogging too if I won! ... You wouldn't see me for dust as I jumped on the next plane to Singapore ... the shopping there is fantastic!

Atasha said...

I just love your blog. I sat here way to long reading your posts & admiring your lovely creations so I'll have to continue tomorrow :-)

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