Monday, February 15, 2010

The Winner Of My One World One Heart Giveaway Is...

When I participated in this year's One World One Heart (OWOH) Giveaway, I expected at most 50 entries. I was being realistic because I'm not exactly on most folks' "must read" list. A total of 144 people entered! Only 140 were valid entries as I had to remove duplicates and late entries.

Lisa Swifka who created this monster event had a harder time. A total of 1105 blogs participated!

For my OWOH giveaway, I excluded non-bloggers as OWOH is meant to be a bloggers event. I excluded non-humans too. So I apologise to Bleubeard, the cat who wanted in. Did a robotish human want in too? I forgot.

To pick my winner, I used a method I'd seen my mother use when she wanted to pick 4 lucky numbers to bet on. She would write the digits from 0 to 9 on pieces of paper, crush them and pour them over a child's head. The child would try and get away and the last number standing is the winner. She repeated this 4 times to get 4 numbers. I believe this is how the random number generator was invented.

I wrote the usernames of all the valid entries on recycled paper and my girl cruched it. After 20 names, we started to regret not using a real random number generator. But you know me. I always do things the hard way.

This morning I engaged everyone's help to pick the winner. My husband who has the biggest head and the most hair was given the honour of being the "head". My kids poured the crushed papers on his head. Here's a slow-mo recap...
My girl realised her Dad's head isn't big enough and tried to arrange the crushed paper carefully.
My boy just poured all the names over his Dad's head.
My husband shakes his head slowly.
 Last name standing. This name never budged once! It really wanted to win.
The winner - Jennifer! She has a blog Outside My Window. If Jennifer does not claim her prizes by 19 Feb Singapore time, I will pick another winner. But I'm sure she will. Thanks to everyone for participating. The next time I do a giveaway, I won't exclude non-bloggers, I promise. But I still have to say No to cats and humanoids. I might consider avatars though.


*~kAy~* said...

haha! congratz to jennifer!
such a unique way to pic the names :P

Messy Mamma said...

Congratulations Jennifer :) That was really interesting about how to pick names!

Dee said...

LOL. that is sooooo funny! I love your creativity. kids and hubby are good sports. that must havve taken ages to write out all those names.
i would love it if you could swing past my little blog and say 'hi'.

Unknown said...

Ya!!! Jennifer won! Most Awesome! You are so Creative, I LOVE how your hubby and kids were involved in picking the winner. You are way to FUNNY, you really crack me up.

ByNightCreations said...

I love the way you picked the winner! Hilarious! And - if you get another chance on getting the heart fabric - I am curious to see what you plan to do with it!

tamdoll said...

Your blog always makes me smile, I love this "random number generator".

TiLT said...

great method! And what a cooperative Dad :)

Unknown said...

I love the recessed zipper shoulder bag, it is beautiful, I love how the pattern is laid out. Thanks for the tip about Nellie's blog and her giveaways! I have dropped more weight, 7 to go now...........
I hope you have a FABULOUS day!
Best wishes to you and your family!!!

Micki said...

Congrats to the winnder, and what a neat way to choose the names!

Mandy said...

I used to think that your husband has full lustrous hair but after seeing the pics....hmmmm. Didn't he use to have straight long hair?

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