Monday, February 8, 2010

February MAAD 2010 Post-Mortem Part Un

Saturday I had a bad hair day. I had washed my hair before going to red dot design museum. This often spelled trouble for me as my hair looks very good when wet and totally unpredictable when dry. I have natural waves but that's not a good thing. It doesn't always wave the way I like. In fact I like straight hair. When I was younger I had my hair "relaxed" at a salon frequently. Then I got tired of paying for straight hair.

So as I was saying, I had bad hair and my 2 friends showed up to party. It took me by surprise.
Me, Jon and Weng
Let me explain a little about this photo.
1. My head looks the largest because I was standing closest to the camera.
2. I did not want to stand next to Weng because he looks so pretty.
3. My hair looks like it exploded as I had explained earlier.
4. My smile is not so natural because I just remembered I forgot to put on make-up.
5. Weng is a straight guy married with a few kids with a nasty habit of stroking his chest so I don't want any emails asking for my match making services.
6. Jon is a straight single guy who lives alone in a huge apartment and a nasty habit of saying "what? what?".

So guys, you need to come back soon so we can redo the photo shoot. Btw, it was fun. Weng bought 1 of my bags! Jon bought nothing again and he's been here a zillion times. What kind of friend... But he ordered 50 iphone pouches from me. Okay, just kidding. You can stop texting me now Jon. He only ordered 3. He ordered it in Jan and I did not make any because I kept wondering why he would need 3 iphone pouches until he told me on Sat it was to give away. Alamak! Should've told me this sooner. I'm so goondu (read as goon-doo meaning: stupid) sometimes.

This was Weng's first visit to red dot design museum. He had this awestruck look on his face like a toddler's first taste of soy sauce. Weng, just to let you know it's free admission to the museum only on the days MAAD is held.

Sales was less than enthusiastic. I sold 6 bags including the one sold to Weng. I don't know why the usual handmade buyers failed to show up. Maybe they went hunting for Red outfits for Chinese New Year which is happening this weekend. I hope they'll come back next month because I already paid rental for up to July 2010! I wonder if MAAD will give a rebate for poor crowd.....

My dear friend, SweetiePie also came to pick up something and she gave me cookies she'd baked herself.
Look like meatballs but taste like heaven
I had no idea she could bake so swell! I only shared 1 with a fellow seller and I'm glad she only took 1. Hee hee.

My husband and I are too casual toward Chinese New Year (CNY).
We don't do the following "rituals" prior to CNY:
1. Spring clean
2. Decorate our home with CNY ornaments or "lucky" plants
3. Buy CNY food like traditional cookies, tarts.
4. Stock our fridge with food for guests.
5. Have guests over for CNY because we did not do 1, 2, 3, and 4.

Wendy also came by. She looks so glam. And skinny. And glam. And skinny. I knew Wendy when we were "neighbours" selling at MAAD. She sells handmade jewelry/accessories. Check her out at Pyxis. BeadzExotic.
All togged out in Red. I think the bag looks good on her! Ahem.

 I was thinking to myself, how to make myself look thinner? Also, note to self: apply make-up before leaving home.
 Here you can see the full extent of my bad hair. It went PWAAH (read as pwaah). Btw, I look larger because I am larger. My thunder thighs are times 3 Wendy's. I know, I know...No, bitch slaps please.

This cute Taiwanese lady bought my Lovebirds bag. We conversed in Mandarin. I'm glad she understood me. bao bao tai mei le! hen ke ai! Loosely translated it means: This bag is to die for. I look so cute. Or I could have said "This dumpling is too pretty."

Part deux of this post coming next.


Chris H said...

Ahhh you silly tart! YOU ARE NOT FAT... hell's bell's look at me... THAT IS FAT!!!!
When I was in Singapore everyone looked tiny.
And your hair doesn't look that bad either. Stop being so hard on yourself. Pfffffft!

(Tart.. from me is not a bad thing, I assure you!)

Dee said...

pity the sales were slow.
i wish i was as fat as you are... hehe - that means you are thin and lovely.
i love reading your posts. let's hope bag sales pick up soon.

*Tea said...

oh! I am envious about the girl with the love birds bag... i sooo love it!
ok, i guess everybody thinks he looks silly on pics, but you defenitely DON´T! i think you look so sweet in all of them!

PS: I did a little research, and i have heard about the Red Dot Design Awards before, but never thought this would be the same... didn´t even know there is a museum! *shame on me* Thx for the info! :D

Landon Clary Eason said...

I wish I were your SIZE!!!! One day, I will be your size!!! Hopefully, in about a year or so. I have lost 84 pounds so far. still working on it, it is pretty slow....Your pics are great! You are darling, I love your hair. My hair is wavey too. My bangs flip out in THE worst way, makes me NUTS! My hair used to be all one length, so what do I do, get bangs, BIG MISTAKE!!! LOLOL Could be all part of our charm, lolol
Happy Creating, Jane!!!

tamdoll said...

Oh! I think those bags look great!! I hope your sales pick up over the coming year.

Now - what on earth are you talking about with all these skinny people? Yourself included!!! Just hang out with MUCH BIGGER people & then you will feel better. (Ever notice that there is no pictures of ME at my website?) You're beautiful! And skinny!

I gave up fighting with my own hair - no matter what I do it looks messy and wavy - so, at 40, I've just accepted it.

I hope you have a good Chinese New Year!

Micki said...

I loved seeing all the pics of you are so pretty!
Thanks for sharing!

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