Friday, February 26, 2010

February's Featured EtsyBlogger - TiLTCreations

TiLT is February's featured EtsyBlogger. Let's see...

She has 2 shops. The first one, she sells bags. Here

In her other shop, Tiltoo, she stocks it with destash patterns, fabric and supplies from her handbag shop: Here. What a great way to get rid of your stuff!
The patterns are really cheap and a good deal if you live in the US.

She has 2 blogs!! This woman has a lot of energy.
The first blog is about crafts, kids, home and life. The second one is about the stuff she creates.


TiLT said...

Thanks :) I started the destash after I started buying destash from other people :) My collection began to grow ...lots :P

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