Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Ice-cream Tote

My friend Mandy wrote me to update my blog as she had run out of reading material and had to go read my husband's stuff. So I decided to get off my ass and post something. That girl, ah.

Mandy btw is currently SEOW (read szz-yeow as in door slam shut on your finger, meaning: nuts) over all things French. Go check out Mesmerize Studio to find out more about her obsession.

Meanwhile a bunch of fabric had been keeping me occupied the last week.
I had been hoarding these multi-colored fabric rectangles for a year. Somehow as months went by, I became more afraid to use the fabric as expectations rose.
I sewed the rectangles in twos and still I could not visualise anything. Finally I decided to use ALL the fabric to make one bag. The main reason I had so much problem making anything was I wanted to use the fabric on more than one bag. Problem solved. Wrong.

I wanted the quilted look. So I quilted random lines on each fabric rectangle. Sounds like the story of my life. I just jump in with my eyes shut. This is not a small bag. There's a lot of space to quilt on. A lot. After an hour, I seriously wanted to abandon the project. But I kept on. Can you just picture me, at the sewing machine, sewing line after line after line?
Mercifully, it all came to an end. I will never quilt again. I'm kidding. You know me. I always say "Never" and then I get interested again. Never learn!
I used a friendly blue for the lining and just look at the surprise stripes in the peek-a-boo zip pocket! The handle was a headache. I managed to find a ruby red fabric to carry it.

I wanted to call this bag The Forgot To Edit Bag. But I didn't. My husband says the colors are colors of spring. I like it! But since I can't really see seasons in colors, I decided to be true to my nature and call it as I see it. I see ....ice-cream!

I will be selling this bag next weekend during March MAAD at the Red Dot Design Museum in Singapore. Time really flies! I really hope someone buys my Ice-cream Bag because it's so yummy. Also, I'm sick of looking at it. Just kidding. Go here if you want to see more of it.

For my next post, I will show you what I did with the scraps.


MandyPan said...

I love scraps. You can make into so many things for your daughter.

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