Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Scraps From The Ice Cream Tote

I was telling you guys about the scraps from The Ice Cream Tote in my last post? It went into.....
The Most Colorful Coasters In The World!

There was enough to make 4. I sewed strips together without any formula. You know I prefer it random, right?
 The middle has a soft batting. For the back, I used the same "friendly blue" fabric as the Ice Cream Tote. I quilted all 3 layers together.
 Bottoms up!

These are my first coasters! Why did I pick coasters? Well, it's a complicated story.

First of all, I don't know anyone in Singapore who are into sewing. Sure, there are a few craft sellers I know who sew but they aren't into sewing the way I am. You know, obsessed. So it's kinda lonely? Yes, I'm aware I have blog friends who sew and share my interest. But they are Internet People. That's equivalent to me putting on Na'vi body and sewing and chatting on Pandora! Don't get me wrong. Um..hear me out before you click the "unfollow" button.  I enjoy our interaction and all. I do. I do. But I got to wake up and eat/shower/etc now and then and get some human contact. So I thought why not convert my current friends into sewers?

This brilliant plan would have worked beautifully except too many of my friends would go glassy eyed whenever I mention sewing. This is especially true for the guys. Also, I don't have that many human friends. Oh, why am I so shy/picky/aloof!

To my delight, my dear friend Sweetie-Pie mentioned to me late last year that she was developing an interest in sewing and her first sewing project would be coasters. I almost passed out from euphoria. A lot of big words today.

Guess what? A lot of big talk. Despite my contribution of scraps and a little pressure now and then, I've yet to see any sign of a coaster.

So I had to pull out the big guns. I really made these coasters to "persuade" Sweetie-Pie into making her coasters.  My rationale is she'll look at my coasters and go "Wow!" and go run off and make her darn coasters. Is this plan working or what? I hope it works because she's the only viable friend who can sew.
Anyhoo, my husband says no one would buy these coasters at MAAD seeing as I'm the Bag Person. So I guess I won't sell them at Red Dot Design. He's usually right about such things.
Instead I'm selling them at Zibbet. Zibbet is new. It's my new online shop. So if anyone wants a set of 4 coasters.....

Lastly, if you are looking to become a seller on Zibbet, please use my referral link here. So help a girl out.....This is how it benefits me. For every successful premium seller I refer, I get $1 off my subscription fees. 7 referrals and it's free forever for me. What do you get from me? Other than my undying gratitude, nothing. Just kidding. I'll "favorite" your shop's ass off and I'll feature you on my blog if it means anything to you.

Zibbeter out.


Ziru said...

Jane~ Ziru here! Do you want to put your coasters with me to sell at my upcoming SMU and Marina Barrage bazaars? I'll be dropping by MAAD on 7th March to visit you, so let me know by then! =D

Chris H said...

I think your colourful coasters are adorable! And I am going to make me some.
Are there NO Patchwork/Sewing Groups in Singapore!!!!
That is amazing!

Dee said...

I LOVE your coasters - here's hoping it inspires your friend. now I will go check out zibbeter (never heard of it before). I am another long-distance friend and more than happy to be your sewing buddy. I sooooo get what you mean about real touchable humans into the same stuff that you are.

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