Saturday, July 17, 2010

1,000 Projects Before I Die

In a previous blog post, I wrote that I once told my girl I wanted to make 1,000 bags before I die and Tammy from Tamdoll asked me how many more bags I have to go. Well, you know what? I haven't been counting. And I'm really too lazy to go thru' my old blog posts to do a count. What I've decided is I'll start counting from today and my goal is to make 1,000 projects. Um, yes. It's 1,000 projects, not bags. Why? Well, sometimes I make other stuff and I want to count them too. The deadline? Yep, before I die. Sorry if it sounds rather morbid. But it's a positive thing for me. I have a goal and I have a long deadline. Plus I'm pretty sure I'll achieve it. Oh, what happens when I complete 1,000 projects? Well, I'll find another achievable goal. What did you think?

To be perfectly honest, when I told my girl my 1,000 bags wish, I said it more to make her feel comfortable that I was going to be around for a long time. At that time, I was just feeling extreme exhaustion and muscle pain all the time and feeling down a lot and I guess it worried my girl. She asked me, What's the one thing you want to do before you die? She was really happy to hear my answer because I mean, 1,000 bags takes a long, long time to make. From time to time, she would inquire about the progress and I would give her a very small number and that would make her smile.

Anyway, all that is history as my muscle pain only pays short visits nowadays. Plus I don't have to rely on any meds. Now that I have energy and the motivation to make bags, I'm kinda yearning for immortality. I know, it's crazy.

This week I decided to travel back in time to the dinosaur period when I didn't know how to sew a simple drawstring pouch. So I went thru' my old blog posts and of course I felt terribly amused. I thought it would be really interesting to see how differently I would make drawstring pouches. So I made 5!
I'm afraid I went a little nuts. I forgot how fun drawstring pouches are!
I discovered I had a little skulls and bones fabric left and I made these 2 little pouches. The blue casing is larger and the purple casing is size cute.
This is the first time I used Sevenberry crepe fabric and it's addictive!
This indigo is a linen-cotton. The texture is of course the best bit about linen-cotton.
I'm pretty sure this linen-cotton print will make some of you drool.
I thought I'll show those of you who are sewers how these drawstring pouches are sewn. The above image shows how you lay the fabric.
Just sew around the perimeter and leave a gap on each side for the drawstrings. Of course you must leave a gap in the lining for turning the bag right side out. And that's how I do it.

I have listed these drawstring pouches in my Etsy and my Zibbet. Please take a look. I will unlist them on August 19th as I have a craft market sale from August 20th to 22nd.

Yes, it's terribly exciting. I have 995 more projects to go. It's now or never!

Have a great weekend and I'll see you next week.


Kandi said...

I like these Jane, really neat, thanks for the pictures of how you made them I might have to give them a go. I was drooling over the cotton print fabric it is lovely.
Kandi x

tamdoll said...

Hey, I like your answer! And if you get to 999 projects.... maybe you can hold off finishing the last one....

I'm sorry to hear you have aches - I know what you're talking about, my hands have been cramping up lately. But we do a lot and keep going for our kids!

I love your drawstring bags, you must have the most amazing selection of fabrics.

Sjömans-Elin said...

That goal sound a bit crazy... And very interesting. It's good to work towards goal as long as you're having fun in the meantime. And it doesn't actually have to be any specific reason for a goal either, accept for having fun :) Keep on going, I'll be following!

Unknown said...

Jane, I love the idea of 1000 before you die! It shows respect for the brevity of our lives on this earth. I have a goal of filling my hope chest for my children of knitted things to have when I die. It's finding the time to get it all done that's the challenge! Your bags are great! I have enjoyed lurking and feel inspired to open my sewing maching again.

Chris H said...

The wee drawstring bags are very cute!
I think I should try for 1,000 cards!

Micki said...

Your bags are great...Gee, 999 can do it.

Mare said...

I love your blog ...... I look at every post but this is my first comment ...... I sow a long time ..... I began to sew bags ....
Greetings from warm and sunny Croatian...

jane p said...

Hello Mare, you look at EVERY post? Thank you! I welcome you to my sewing world.


antmee said...

I drool over every project you make! lol It's not just the great fabric you use but the interesting ways you use them to make gorgeous bags!

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